The Merrell Twins are one of the most loved and most famous YouTube content creators in the world. The multi-talented identical sisters have made a name for themselves by creating unique content for their YouTube channel.

As a result of their success, Vanessa ‘Nessa’ and Veronica ‘Roni’ have also made their Hollywood debuts. The best thing about The Merrell Twins is that they haven’t really changed from the time that they started their YouTube careers.

The girls have grown personally, but they continue to create entertaining content for absolutely everybody. The Twins are here to stay, and they are set to feature heavily in the entertainment industry for many years to come. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Veronica is 45 minutes older than Vanessa

Merrell Twins
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The Merrell Twins are completely identical, except for a few things that set them apart. For instance, Veronica is 45 minutes older than Vanessa. Generally, twins don’t have such a huge time difference between births. The reason for the sisters’ difference is that there was a complication at birth.

After Veronica was born, the doctors found that Vanessa’s umbilical cord lay dangerously around her neck. It prompted them to conduct a C-section instead of proceeding with a normal birth, and hence the 45-minute time difference. On top of that, Vanessa had underdeveloped lungs, and it led to breathing problems. However, she managed to recover.

It is difficult for you to tell the Merrell Twins apart when you see them from the first time. However, when both of them smile, you will notice that Vanessa has a dimple on both cheeks, while Veronica’s dimple is on the left cheek. It is a very handy way to distinguish them, especially considering that they are always smiling.

The sisters moved from Kansas City to LA to pursue acting

The Merrell Twins
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Veronica and Vanessa were born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. The sisters had a passion for acting, and they made their first movie in sixth grade. The sisters agree that it was a pretty awful movie, and a lot of people bullied them for wanting to act.

The bullying affected them, and it kept them from pursuing their interests further. During their sophomore year in high school, the sisters convinced their parents to move to LA to give them a better chance at acting careers. However, Vanessa told People that it wasn’t an easy move;

“We moved out to California about three years ago to pursue acting. It was tough moving across the country and diving into a business where there is a lot of rejection. It’s a lot of waiting but we’re so happy with where we’ve gotten in our careers.”

The Merrell Twins have now adapted to life in LA. Veronica stated in a YouTube video on their channel;

I love LA. I love California. The weather is beautiful… We still live with our parents. There’s nothing wrong with that everybody…

They have managed to turn their YouTube channel into a business

The Merrell Twins

The Twins started their YouTube Channel in 2009, and they swiftly posted a video titled What It’s Like to Be a Twin. The sisters forgot about the video, but when they returned two years later, they found that the video had 10,000 views, and 2,000 people had subscribed to their channel.

The sisters then worked on growing their YouTube channel, and at the moment, they have close to 5 million subscribers. The Twins have managed to maintain family-friendly content on their channel despite pressure from fans to move into adult content. Vanessa told Forbes:

“Over the years we have had many people tell us to do more mature content. Or to were less clothes. Or to curse. This is discouraging because we are not like that at all. So, we just ignored people. And because we have stayed true to who we are it has resonated with our audience.”

The biggest effect of their channel’s success is that the sisters have managed to turn YouTube into a business, and it’s a major source of income for them, Veronica revealed in an interview with Forbes;

“To be 21 and to have this business is quite insane. We are young but we have acquired the skills we need as business women. We now have an empire that we have built ourselves. We are in charge of everything on our channel. A lot of people do not realize that YouTube is a business. We bought a house because of it.”

The Merrell Sisters had a recurring role in Jane the Virgin

Merrell Twins

The Twins landed their first acting gig when they appeared in a Build-a-Bear commercial in 2008. Six years later, they were cast as Jane’s evil sisters in the comedy show Jane the Virgin.

Their roles in Jane the Virgin presented their first real acting opportunity in Hollywood. The sisters didn’t know what to expect, and they were surprised when they found such a welcoming cast. Veronica told People;

“…I was expecting to go in all the actors to be demanding and fake, but it couldn’t have been more opposite. Gina is so nice and so genuine, she wasn’t just talking to her costars. She talked to all the crew and the background actors. She is so deserving of all the success she’s found.”

Their role opened new doors for them, and they soon appeared in films and shows such as Faking It, The Standoff, and Hyperlinked. Both of them will appear in the 2020 movie Like A Boss while Vanessa is set to star in Switched.

Their father, Paul Merrell, is sometimes referred to as third Merrell Twin

Paul Merrell Veronica and Vanessa
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Paul Merrell is sometimes referred to as the third Merrell Twin because of the role he has played in ensuring the success of the sisters. Paul produces the Twins’ videos, and he has sacrificed a lot for his daughters. For instance, he had to sell his beloved boat and Kansas studio to facilitate the family’s move to LA.

He then inspired the Twins’ YouTube career. Paul revealed in a podcast interview with Pfeiffer Law;

“…and they were like we want to start doing entertainment and music and do some more things… Let’s do it together. Let’s make a music video, let’s do a sketch, whatever. But let’s do it at the highest level we can. I mean, you have $100,000 worth of camera equipment just sitting there and a dad who knows how to use everything, let’s just go for it.”

The Twins’ mother is the exact opposite of Paul. She is supportive of the sisters’ career choice, but she has no interest in being in front of the camera.

The sister’s had to defer from their courses because of their busy schedules

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Vanessa and Veronica recognize the value of education, and they even participated in the Better Make Room campaign to inspire students to pursue higher education. At the moment, Veronica is pursuing a screenwriting major while Vanessa is pursuing television production.

Unfortunately, being in school proved to be a bit tough because of their hectic schedules. The sisters tried online classes, but it got to a point where they had to attend classes physically. Inadequate attendance meant that their GPAs would take a hit, and they had to defer for a year.

Whether they choose to return to school or not, it is unlikely to affect The Merrell Twins’ rise to superstardom.