Adam Sandler is one of the most successful comedians and actors on the planet. He started his career as a member of the Saturday Night Live cast and went on to star in many successful films. He has starred in comedic films such as The Waterboy, 50 First Dates, the Grown Ups movies, Blended, and Murder Mystery.

Some of Sandler’s comedic films have flopped, but he has been praised for his performances outside of the comedy genre. His most recent performance in the 2019 film Uncut Gems attracted praise from critics and fans, and many stated that he deserved an Oscar for his role in the movie.

Sandler’s wife, Jackie Sandler, is always by his side during events and award shows. This piece will look at Jackie’s career, her relationship with Adam, her family, and how she helps Adam with his career.

She was a model before becoming an actor

Jackie Sandler
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Jackie Samantha Titone was born on 24th September 1974 in Coral Springs, Florida, to Lila and Joseph Titone. Samantha’s parents’ divorce in the 1990s dragged on for seven years, and Samantha remains estranged from her father. She started modeling during her time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

After graduation, Samantha moved to Brazil to pursue modeling, and she was quite successful. However, her career trajectory changed when she met actor and director Rob Schneider. Rob offered Jackie her film debut in the 1999 film Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Schneider also introduced Jackie to Adam Sandler.

Adam then offered Samantha the role of a waitress in his film Big Daddy. Since then, Samantha has appeared in numerous cameo roles. Some of her film credits include Little Nicky, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Bedtime Stories, The Do-Over, Grown Ups 2, and many more.

She converted to Judaism before marrying Sandler

Adam Sandler and Jackie's wedding
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Jackie and Sandler met on the set of Big Daddy, and they were dating before the movie came out in June 1999. Samantha was raised Christian, but in 2000, she converted into Judaism. She took the huge step to take to ensure that she had a smooth relationship with Adam.

In June 2003, Sandler and Jackie wed in a Jewish Ceremony held in Malibu. The star-studded ceremony featured celebrities such as Rob Schneider and Jennifer Aniston. Adam has talked about the importance of his religion. He told Howard Stern:

“I’m proud of being a Jew and that’s what I am, I get that from my father and mother. I’m very pro-Israel.”

Jackie and Sandler have two children: Sadie and Sunny

Adam, Jackie, Sadie, and Sunny Sandler
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Three years after the couple’s June 2003 wedding, the couple welcomed Sadie on 6th May 2006. Sunny was born on 2nd November 2008. Jackie, Sandler, and the children regularly appear together on the streets of Los Angeles. Sadie and Sunny are keen on following their parents’ footsteps into acting. Sunny has appeared in Pixels, Blended, and Jack and Jill. Sadie has appeared in Grown Ups, Blended, and Hotel Transylvania

However, the sisters aren’t fond of their father’s acting. Adam told Ellen in 2017:

“They beg to see them. They’re like, ‘Please, it’s not fair! Let me watch your movies. Those people always yell things at you on the street. I don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.’ I’d say about 20 minutes in I see them tuning out, and then I hear them. They’re nervous to say it, but [they’re] like, ‘Can we watch something else?’”

Sandler admitted that he enjoys spending time with his kids and that they’ve made him a family man. However, he hasn’t gotten used to hearing his older daughter talk about boys. He told Ellen:

“You know, I drive around with [Sadie and] her friends and I hear them talking about boys now… it’s amazing, the feelings I had about the same boys five years ago. When they would mention the kid’s name, I’d be like, ‘I love that kid.’ Now… I get very jumpy.”

She encourages Sandler to give it his all in kissing scenes

Jackie and Adam Sandler
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Sandler has admitted that he sometimes feels uncomfortable during kissing scenes. Jackie helps him out by encouraging him to give it his all. Sandler has appeared in plenty of romantic scenes with Drew Barrymore, but his wife doesn’t feel like he gets into it as much as he should. Sandler told Ellen:

“There’s no jealousy at all… We’re [Adam and Drew] doing a nice romantic scene and I think I’m doing pretty great being romantic as I can be and then like – Okay, moving on, let’s go, that was great, Drew. Good job. And I’m walking away and I just see my wife like (shaking her head) … ‘What’s the matter?’ [And she says] ‘Just please, for the sake of women, get in there and just look a little more alive.’”

In 2019, Sandler and Jennifer Aniston played a married couple in Murder Mystery, and again, Jackie was less than impressed with her husband’s performance on-screen. Jackie played the role of a flight attendant in the film. Sandler talked to the Associated Press about having Jackie on set:

“The only awkward part is hearing my wife on the side going, ‘Harder! Harder! Kiss her harder! Deeper!”

Jackie also encourages Sandler to take on projects that he considers difficult. In late 2019, Sandler played the role of a gambling addict in the film Uncut Gems. Sandler delivered an exceptional performance, but he may not have appeared in the movie were it not for Jackie’s encouragement. Sandler told Ellen:

“I read it, [and] I loved the movie, but I was scared to do it. Then I asked Jackie to read it. We do this together, me and Jackie, we discuss what I’m going to do, and she gives me strength and courage to jump into this stuff.”