Ines Tazi is among the contestants looking for love in Netflix’s Perfect Match. The French star looked forward to meeting Shayne Jensen from Love is Blind and Nick Uhlenhuth from The Circle. After she and Shayne failed to make things work, she tried to swap him for Nick, which, to put it mildly, didn’t go as planned. 

So far, Tazi has yet to find a consistent partner, but she settled on her fashion choices, only wearing French designers. “Besides, in Perfect Match I only wore French brands,” Tazi told Khabar Nonstop. Read on to find out more about Ines Tazi’s ethnicity. 

Tazi was raised in Morocco by a French mother and a Moroccan father

Ines Tazi was born on 17th August 1997 to a Moroccan Muslim father and a French Catholic mother. She grew up in Morocco, where her peers ridiculed her fashion choices. 

Tazi’s parents, fashion industry experts, inspired her to embrace her unique style and to view fashion as a communicative tool. She told Khabar Nonstop:

“In Morocco, people made fun of me because I wore djellabas in high school with cowboy boots and a cap, but I was brought up like that, with this idea of ​​constructive provocation, of passing messages through fashion. In Perfect Match, I played with ‘revenge outfits’.” 

“I express myself like that, through fashion,” she added. Probably inspired by her parents, Tazi founded Skult Ltd., a fashion and skin-care brand, in September 2018. 

Tazi is a fan favorite despite only appearing in two reality TV shows. However, she predicts she’ll walk away from reality TV to pursue a future in fashion. She stated:

“My next projects revolve mainly around fashion. It’s an industry in full turmoil, because it is agitated by major identity, cultural, and environmental questions. I want to be an actor of this change by joining forces with talents – whatever their background – who feel concerned and share this enthusiasm, while highlighting French fashion!”

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