American Gods is based on the premise that each immigrating community in America came with their gods. Shadow (Ricky Whittle) becomes embroiled in a war between the new gods and the old gods after meeting a strange man called Mr. Wednesday.

The series has gained critical acclaim for its visuals and acting. It received two nominations at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards and three nominations at the 8th Critics’ Choice Television Awards. American Gods currently has two seasons, and a third one is in production. Keep reading to find out all about it’s release.

When will American Gods season 3 premiere?

It was announced that we would get American Gods back in April 2020. Charles Eglee will be the showrunner for season 3.

Season 2 of the show dropped in March 2019, and so it is unlikely that we will get season 3 in 2019. Amazon has not announced an exact release date, but the streaming service will likely release the show at around the same time as season 2.

You can expect season 3 of American Gods in the early months of 2020. We will keep you updated with developments about the show’s release.

What happened in American Gods Season 2?

American Gods is based on Neil Gaiman’s novel with the same name. It is based on the concept that American immigrants have brought their gods with them. These gods range from Ancient Egyptian gods of the afterlife to Slavic deities.

Season 2 deviated from season 1 in that it dedicated more time to creating relations between the characters. Allegiances and animosities were formed as the characters move from state to state. Special effects were also fewer, except for a dramatic scene that shows the old gods zooming through a dimensional portal caused by a ride on a psychedelic carousel.

Season 2 also put more emphasis on racial and ethnic politics. Episode 3 put special focus on the marginalization of Native Americans and Cherokees. It also gave us a glimpse into Shadow’s French upbringing and the fake promise of a better life in racist America.

Season 2 is much less sexual than season 1, with much less nudity. The violence is also quite reduced compared to what we got in season 1. All of this was to be expected, with major changes made to the production team after season 1.

What to expect in American Gods season 3

American Gods had an excellent first season, but production issues meant that season 2 was a bit underwhelming. The original showrunners, Michael Green and Bryan Fuller, left the show while writing season 2. Gillian Anderson (Media) also left the show.

To make matters worse, the new showrunner, Jesse Alexander, also stepped aside in 2018. All the issues made season 2 a patch-up job compared to season 1. Season 3 will be hoping to restore American Gods to its season 1 glory. The show seems to have resolved production issues, and we are set for a great season.

The official synopsis introduces us to Shadow as he tries to assert himself in Lakeside, Wisconsin. As he attempts to do so, he will uncover a huge secret. Shadow’s ancestors, the Orishas, will be instrumental in his journey of reinvention.

We do not expect major changes in terms of the cast. Ricky White will continue as Shadow Moon, Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday, and Emily Browning as Laura Moon. Marylin Manson will be added to the cast, and he will play the role of a metalhead named John Wengren. He will be linked to Mr. Wednesday through his metal band Blood Death.