Adam Sandler is mostly known for his roles in comedy films. Earlier this year, he starred in the comedy film, Murder Mystery, in which he delivered a rare lackluster performance. However, Adam seems to have rescued his year with a high-quality performance in the indie film, Uncut Gems.

Perhaps the last role that you would expect Sandler to play is a starring role in a crime thriller. Adam plays the role of Howard Ratner, a New York City Jeweler who places the bet of a lifetime that is guaranteed to land him a major reward. However, his bet puts him on the radar of some dangerous adversaries.

Uncut Gems represents another victory for A24 studios. The studio’s more recent successes include Oscar-nominated films such as Lady Bird and Moonlight. It is highly likely that Uncut Gems will appear in next year’s Oscars.

Will Uncut Gems come to Netflix?

Uncut Gems will be distributed by A24 in the United States, and by Netflix internationally. The film is technically classified as a Netflix original, but the streaming service will only distribute the film outside of the US.

Netflix subscribers outside the US can expect Uncut Gems in January 2020. Such films usually drop on a Friday, and so fans can expect the film to appear on any of the five Fridays in January 2020.

Even though there is no official communication, Uncut Gems may still appear on Netflix US. However, it will take a long time before it appears. The earliest that we expect it to appear on Netflix is after the film’s theatrical run ends.

However, based on other A24 movie releases on Netflix, US subscribers might have to wait for up to two and a half years before Uncut Gems comes to Netflix.

Similar films on Netflix

Fortunately, there are several crime films that you can stream on Netflix.

Gangs of New York – This Oscar-nominated film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio is based on Herbert Asbury’s book with the same name. The bloody crime film is centered on the conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants in 1863.

Pulp Fiction – The plot follows a crime boss and the intrigues of his criminal empire. It sounds like a basic crime film, but each character arc will keep you glued to the screen. Quentin Tarantino’s script for this film was named the I6th greatest in film history.