Nowhere, a film about survival in deplorable conditions, has gone viral on Netflix. “Fleeing a totalitarian country, pregnant Mia (Anna Castillo) must fight for her life when a violent storm knocks the container in which she has been hiding overboard. Trapped, Mia gives birth and is forced to survive to save her baby,” the film’s synopsis states

Nowhere is fictional; the film’s narrative was made up

Nowhere is entirely fictional. The narrative may seem real due to its similarities with real-life situations. Speaking to ES Euro, Anna Castillo clarified: “The people who die every day at sea are terrible. But this movie is not about that. I already did Mediterranean, which was a social drama that talked about Open Arms, and Nowhere is a dystopian reality.”

Director Albert Pinto said he wanted the audience to feel Mia’s pain and understand her struggle. He explained, “[Mia’s story has] raw and emotional, where you could immerse yourself in the drama of our protagonist and not detach yourself from her at any time. To feel her pain and joy as close as possible, to live the survival in our own skin.”