The recent years have been kind to comic books shows, due to the popularity of the public and the general interest in the characters. The films themselves have been breaking box office records and usually, the highest grossing ones are made by Marvel and DC. The two most popular comic book universes that have characters that everyone knows. They’ve been adapted to the big screen, but rarely with TV Shows. Shows like Jessica Jones, Daredevil are characters that have been written by Marvel.

DC has current shows such as The Flash and Arrow, but they’re owned by the CW network. DC is finally releasing shows that are under their network, named simply DC Universe. Titans is one of their first shows and it’s been known to be different from the other shows. It’s a dark and gritty portrayal of known characters, such as Robin, have been noted and loved by fans. One of its newest show’s titled ‘Doom Patrol’ have been released this year and has been gaining much praise from comic fans and streaming viewers.

It’s easy to get confused with the story and characters in this show, as there are so many of them. The premise of the show is that a group of misfit superheroes who have had a traumatic past, which gave them the powers that they posse. They use their freakish powers to try and help a world that doesn’t accept them for who they are. There are some known comic book characters such as Cyborg, Elastic-Girl and Negative Man. There are many more and it works well for the story that’s being told.

Is Doom Patrol Coming To Netflix?

The simple answer is No, sadly. The Series, along with Titans, is an exclusive by DC Universe. This means that Netflix doesn’t have the ownership of the property that the DC Universe has. It’s only watchable if you have a subscription to the streaming service DC Universe, which is only available in the United States.

What about other regions?

Titans, which is one of DC Universes shows, is available on Netflix if you’re an international viewer. This means that the idea of Doom patrol being on Netflix for international viewers isn’t impossible, as it’s made by the same network. There’s enough hype behind it for the network to release it on Netflix, so that it stands along with Titans. The problem is that HBO has picked up the license for Doom Patrol, meaning it won’t be coming to Netflix.

This is great information, as it means that Europeans can watch it if HBO decide to stream it, but there’s no news on it. Hopefully, there should be updated on its releases soon.

Similar Shows on Netflix

I’ve picked out some fantastic shows that are available to watch right now. All of them being superhero based with the same grittiness of the Doom Patrol:

  • Daredevil
  • Jessica Jones
  • The Punisher
  • Titans

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