One of Norm MacDonald’s most memorable moments came during an appearance on Conan alongside Courtney Thorne-Smith. In the rib-cracking appearance, MacDonald tore into Courtney for starring in Chairman of the Board. Despite Conan O’Brien’s concern that Courtney might have been offended, she told Vanity Fair that it was her ‘favorite talk show appearance by far.’

Norm MacDonald recently passed away, but that and many other clips will forever remind us how masterful a comedy genius he was. Courtney was on Conan to talk about the season finale of Melrose Place in which Courtney played Alison Parker. More than two decades later, let’s look at what Courtney Thorne-Smith is up to now. 

Courtney has become picky with her roles as she prioritizes family life

After the turn of the century, Courtney swapped drama for comedy, which she says allows one to have a better work-life balance. She played a leading role in According to Jim, before landing the recurring role of Lyndsey McElroy in Two and a Half Men

Since her last appearance in Two and a Half Men in 2015, Courtney has appeared in several television films and a couple of sitcoms. She told New York Post that she’s extra picky with her projects due to her family life. 

Her last on-screen appearance was in an episode of Mom, and she said that she wouldn’t mind appearing in other sitcoms in the future. Courtney and her husband, author Roger Fishman, share one son, Jacob Emerson Fishman. She explained:

“I hope the pendulum swings back again and sitcoms are everywhere. I go out on some auditions, but I don’t want to work out of town, and those shows are few and far between. I saved my money so I can be choosy. Sitcoms are the one job in this business were you can have a good work-life balance.”

Courtney Thorne-Smith hasn’t retired from acting, but you are unlikely to see her in many productions. If you do see her on-screen, it will likely be in a sitcom. She continued:

“It [filming Mom] was crazy fun. Multi-cam sitcoms are my favorite kind of work. You’re together with the cast. You only film two days, three days; you’re hanging out and chatting. My time on ‘Mom was a reminder of how I lived that life.