The original and famously well-known show ‘The Twilight Zone’ from 1959 is one of the best shows and influences of all time. It’s not a surprise that it was bound to get revived by present entertainers for 2019, and there are some talented people behind it. The Twilight Zone is known to be an anthology show that has a different story each episode. It adds in fantasy elements to keep the viewers guessing as to what the twist of the episode is. Usually, the episodes are meant to freak you out or make you think about modern day issues, such as politics and society requirements.

The Twilight Zone has made a freakish come back in 2019 on April 1st, with the recently intriguing director Jordan Peele to help with the new show. Jordan Peele was known for making one of the best films of 2017, also his latest film Us that released this year. The director’s films share similarities in terms of style and narrative, which is needed for this show. That film was Get Out and it earned Jordan Peele recognition by the media and a place for being the Narrator and executive producer for this new series.

Is the Twilight Zone available on Netflix?

There are two different answers to this. The reason being is that the original version of the show exists on Netflix. Only four seasons of the older show exists on the Streaming Service. Sadly, the newest version of the show, that includes Jordan Peele, is exclusive to CBS. Which means it’s only available to watch on CBS if you’re wanting to watch the latest one. If you haven’t seen the original and you’re interested, then say no more. It’s available on Netflix in the United States right now.

When Will the NEW Twilight Zone be available on Netflix?

At the current moment. It looks as if the newest series won’t be coming on Netflix. CBS have made a contract that makes the series exclusive to them only, and only available on CBS All Access in America. Which means Netflix can’t buy or have any ownership to have the series on their Streaming Services unless a future deal is made. The likeliness of this is unlikely. This goes with all other regions too.

If you’re wanting to watch the latest series in Canada, then it’s available to watch on CityTV. It’s available on demand too if you don’t have the time to stay up and watch it, or if you’ve missed out. The UK doesn’t have an available network or service that provides this. It’s also been said that the UK services are anxious to bring The Twilight Zone here, as it might get confused with the hit series Black Mirror.

That’s all the news for now about the availability for The Twilight Zone (2019). Hopefully, if the series becomes more of a hit then there will be news about it in the future, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Shows like The Twilight Zone

There aren’t many shows out that are like The Twilight Zone, as it’s a very specific genre and storytelling style. I’ve been able to find a few shows that have the same tone and fantasy like factor, that are very enjoyable:

  • Black Mirror
  • The Twilight Zone (1959)
  • Stranger Things
  • Star Trek

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