Hustlers is the latest Annapurna Pictures production to hit cinemas this fall. The film made its Box Office debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on 7th September 2019. It was released in the United States on 13th September 2019.

The film is based on the 2015 Jessica Pressler article The Hustlers at Scores. The article followed the stories of strippers who scammed their wealthy clients. Authorities eventually caught up with the strippers and charged them with assault, conspiracy, and grand larceny.

Hustlers follows the story of Destiny (Constance Wu) and Ramona (Jennifer Lopez). Destiny is a former stripper who needs money to support her grandmother. Destiny struggles in the business until she meets Ramona. Ramona teaches Destiny how to identify gullible clients who she can exploit.

Ramona and Destiny identify rich clients who they drug, using MDMA. The drug causes memory loss and impaired judgment, which allows the girls to rob their targets.

The plan works for a while before greed and jealousy intervene. The scheme eventually becomes too dangerous with one of the clients having to go to the hospital after a death scare.

Eventually, the relationship between Ramona and Destiny becomes too sour for Destiny to bear. One of the strippers gets arrested, and she reveals the names of every player in the scheme. Destiny takes a plea deal while the rest of the strippers serve short sentences in prison.

The film has become a huge hit, especially because of its cast. Jennifer Lopez delivers an exceptional performance, and the film serves as Cardi B’s film debut.

Will Hustlers be coming to Netflix?

The question on many people’s minds is whether Hustlers will be available for streaming on Netflix.

The unfortunate answer is that it is highly unlikely that Hustlers will appear on Netflix.

Netflix and Annapurna productions have a great relationship, but the issue is that Annapurna productions has a streaming deal with Hulu.

Annapurna productions signed a multiyear deal with Hulu that grants the streaming service pay one window streaming rights to films released by Annapurna. This deal means that Hustlers will most likely stream on Hulu and not Netflix.

Hustlers is a great once in a blue moon film that you simply must watch. Subscribe to Hulu or make your way to the cinema to watch this emotional and empowering film.

Similar films on Netflix

You might not get the chance to watch Hustlers on Netflix. However, the following films are just as good:

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  • American Hustle – Irvin (Christian Bale) and his fellow grifter Sydney (Amy Adams) are forced to work for the FBI.