Haikyu!! is one of the most successful Japanese mangas of the past decade. It has sold over 38 million copies in print and has inspired a highly-rated anime series. Haikyu!! is credited for having an engaging arc, and creating unique and wholesome storylines for the characters. 

Hinata, a short but talented volleyball player, is the show’s main protagonist. His development is closely linked to the equally talented Kageyama. The pair’s relationship is complicated, yet it feels like Hinata and Kageyama are linked for life. 

This piece will look at the origin of the pair’s relationship, their struggles, and what the future holds for the pair.

Kageyama and Hinata started out as enemies before becoming teammates in high school

Hinata and Kageyama

Kageyama and Hinata first met in junior high as part of rival volleyball teams. Kageyama’s team embarrassed Hinata’s, sparking a rivalry between the teams’ star players. Hinata made it his life’s mission to one day get revenge on Kageyama.

However, Hinata had to postpone his revenge plans after he and Kageyama become teammates at Karasuno high school. Contrary to expectations, Kageyama and Hinata formed a potent attack that decimated rival teams.

The pair’s relationship seemed to be getting better, but they still strived to outdo each other during practice sessions. Hinata and Kageyama’s constant desire to push each other to the limit helped them in the court as they defeated team after team.

Unfortunately, some high-ranked teams managed to counter Hinata and Kageyama’s quick attack. The frustration brought about by the defeats started to erode Hinata and Kageyama’s relationship. At the end of season 1, Karasuno lost to Aoba Johsai, leaving Kageyama extremely frustrated.

He apologized to Hinata, but it only served to make Hinata angry. The pair fought, but later reconciled thanks to Takeda. Kageyama and Hinata vowed to work together to create a more potent attacking force. As season 1 drew to a close, Hinata and Kageyama were on good terms.

Despite the fact that Kageyama and Hinata argued a lot, it is evident that they developed a deep bond

Hinata and Kageyama

In season 2, Kageyama and Hinata’s bond deepened. However, in episode 5, the pair had a huge argument that almost escalated into a fistfight. Hinata appeared hurt by Kageyama’s actions, and as he talked to Yachi, it became evident why he appeared so sad. Hinata told Yachi, “It wasn’t that he was the first friend I’d made. He was a partner.” 

He then got onto his bike and rode home with tears streaming down his face. This episode triggered the ship name ‘KageHina’. Hinata’s reaction to the argument convinced fans that he shared a deep bond with Kageyama. 

The pair started training separately after their bust-up. However, Kageyama noticed that it was more difficult for him to reach his training goals without Hinata’s help. To reach his goals, he had to imagine that Hinata was there with him. 

Hinata and Kageyama couldn’t stay apart for long because they had to come together for the team. Gradually, they learned to appreciate each other’s strengths and work together to cover each other’s weaknesses. They formed a new combined attack that worked against most teams in the league. 

The pair’s impressive form on the court led to a better relationship outside the court. Hinata and Kageyama learned to be nicer to each other, much to the delight of millions of Haikyu!! fans.   

Hinata got his revenge on Kageyama two years after the pair left high school

Hinata and Kageyama

After high school, some players chose other careers while others continued playing volleyball. Hinata traveled to Brazil to learn beach volleyball while Kageyama became a pro-league player in Japan. 

Hinata joined the pro-league in Japan after staying in Brazil for two years. His first match as a member of the MSBY Black Jackals came against a team led by his old frenemy Kageyama. Hinata finally had his chance to get revenge on Kageyama, and this time, he had the advantage because nobody knew whether he had changed his playing style while training in Brazil. 

Kageyama tried as much as he could to ensure victory for his team, but Hinata was too good. Hinata’s team won the match, and even though Hinata didn’t score the winning point, he played an instrumental role in the game-winning move. 

Hinata finally got his revenge on Kageyama, and you could tell that it was an important moment for him. Soon after the game, he joined forces with Kageyama on Team Japan at the Olympics. A year later, they were on opposing teams in the World championship.

Hinata and Kageyama might not get involved romantically, but they will always play a role in each other’s lives. We can’t wait to see the next chapter of Hinata and Kageyama’s relationship in the twelve Haikyu!! episodes premiering in October 2020. Maybe ‘KageHina’ will become a reality.