Wyatt Lewis’ future seems bright, having received a scholarship from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in late June 2023. A Cy-Fair High School graduate, Wyatt is a skilled drummer who’s had to overcome adversity to earn this opportunity. “Determination,” Wyatt talked to KHOU11 about his ambitions. “You know, working towards a goal, knowing what you want.”

Wyatt Lewis’ biological parents, David and Michelle Lewis, were convicted of killing his aunt, Debra Kelly

Wyatt was nine years old when his parents, David and Michelle Lewis, were convicted of killing his aunt, Debra Kelly. “It happened at like, 3 a.m. one night,” Wyatt said. “They sat us down, and they told us what happened and what’s going to happen from here on out.”

The details about David and Michelle’s conviction and Debra Kelly’s murder aren’t in the public record. However, thanks to Wyatt, the impact of the crime on him and his siblings has come to light. 

Wyatt’s grandmother took custody of Wyatt and his brothers. “It wasn’t the best position for us,” Wyatt stated. “Especially for any kid to grow up in.” Wyatt told KHOU11 that, unlike other children, he couldn’t look up to his incarcerated parents. 

“A lot of people, they have the chance of, at a very young age, they have a chance of seeing someone that they idolize and wanting to be that person,” he said. “On my side, I saw someone who I didn’t want to be.”

Per Wyatt, David was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. “I’m not gonna see my dad again outside of a jail,” he explained. Michelle, on the other hand, will probably leave prison. “My mom, she’ll get out,” Wyatt added.

Wyatt was raised by his uncle and aunt in Cypress, Texas

Salvation for Wyatt came via his uncle and aunt from Cypress, Texas. They became his guardians, guiding him through his teenage life. Wyatt became an Eagle Scout and graduated from high school. He told KHOU11 that his aunt and uncle became his role models:

“That when I found something I idolized and someone I idolized. So I kind of got both sides of it, knowing what I don’t want to do and what path I don’t want to take and what path I do want to take.”