Maia Campbell was one of the stars of the ‘90s, appearing in hit shows like In the House and South Central. Born to author Bebe Moore and architect Tiko Campbell, Maia cultivated a large fanbase due to her stunningly good looks and effortless talent. However, her life spiraled out of control after her Bipolar disorder diagnosis. 

Maia Campbell is battling mental health issues and drug problems

Following her diagnosis, Maia refused to take medication, which led to the deterioration of her condition. After resorting to drug abuse, Maia lost custody of her daughter and control over her career. 

However, she got sober several years later and attempted to repair her relationship with her daughter and restart her career. Unfortunately, Maia relapsed. In 2017, her former co-star, LL Cool J, offered to help her. Maia turned down the rapper’s offers, saying in a video that she was doing ‘good’.

Keeping track of Maia isn’t easy as she doesn’t update her social media. The most recent news report about her went live in October 2020, claiming Maia had been arrested in California.