Daniel Daggers, the self-styled ‘Mr. Super Prime’, is the star of Netflix’s Buying London. He runs a firm dubbed DDRE Global and has several agents selling glamorous properties across London. Daggers claims to have overseen the sale of over $5 billion worth of property during his 24-year career. 

Daniel Daggers is of Jewish and Yemeni descent

Daniel Daggers was born on December 20, 1979, to Noga and Derrick Daggers in London. His mother is Yemeni and Jewish, and his father is Jewish. 

In a January 2021 Facebook post, Daggers referenced his dual ethnicities. He wrote: “As a Jewish man with an Israeli/Yemenite mother, I am very proud to say how wonderfully welcoming the Emirati people have been on my visit to Dubai.”

Daggers told Tatler that growing up in local authority housing in Maida Vale exposed him to different ethnicities. “There were lots of kids in the high-rises and these flats. We would play football ‘til the sun went down and our mums came out and said, ‘Dinner’s ready.’ Loads of kids from different races, different backgrounds. That was my life,” Daggers stated.