As predicted, Will Hurd announced he would seek the Republican ticket for the 2024 presidential elections. Hurd isn’t expected to succeed, but he believes he could win the ticket. “Someone like me, right, a dark horse candidate, can pull this off,” Hurd told CBS Mornings. “One, you can’t be afraid of Donald Trump. Too many of these candidates in this race are afraid of Donald Trump.”

Will Hurd was born to a Black father and a Caucasian mother

Will Hurd was born on 19th August 1977 to a Black father and a Caucasian mother in San Antonio, Texas. He grew up alongside two older siblings, Chuck and Liz. 

Bob Hurd, Will’s father, grew up in an overtly racist society. Politico reports that he grew used to racist abuse as he worked as a traveling pharmaceutical salesman. Bob and Mary, Will’s mom, had difficulty buying a house in San Antonio, chiefly due to Bob’s race. 

“You know, my dad’s black, my mom is white. They got married and moved to South Texas in 1971, and even then, my Dad couldn’t stop in restaurants or go to any hotel. He couldn’t do that then. And then, fast forward 40 years later, their youngest son is a member of Congress,” Will told Trevor Noah during an episode of The Daily Show in March 2019. 

Bob Hurd’s conservative political views did little to make his life easier in a deeply conservative region of Texas. Nevertheless, Bob pulled through, raising three children, one of whom has eyes for the Presidential seat. 

Politico reports that though Will’s family is proud of his achievements, they care little about his political career. “It’s his problem, not mine,” Mary replied when a Politico correspondent asked what it’s like having Will in Congress. 

From 2019 to 2021, Will Hurd was one of two black Republicans in Congress and the only black Republican in the House of Representatives. His decision to vacate his seat surprised people who opine that the Republican party lacks diversity. However, Will had a different view, stating that his retirement would help improve the party’s diversity. He said on CBS’ Face the Nation:

“I am interested in helping other candidates like me. I think I want to see a Republican Party that has more folks that look and sound and operate like I do. Everybody thinks the end all or be all is actually being in Congress. The party is defined by the people that are in it, not necessarily the politicians.”

During Will’s appearance on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah pressed him about his membership in a party that endeavors to suppress minority voting rights. Will defended himself, saying he doesn’t support racist laws. He told Trevor: “Look, that’s the folks in North Carolina that made that decision, and saying that everybody who may have done that or pursued that does not mean everybody in the party believes it.”