Robert Bobroczky was at once tipped to become an NBA star. The 7’7’’ Romanian national became a viral sensation after videos of his basketball prowess hit the internet. Robert was good at passing, shooting, and reading the game. Unfortunately, Robert was let down by his height. 

Robert Bobroczky reportedly hosts a podcast after failing to make it to the NBA

As shocking as this sounds, Robert Bobrockzy was too tall to play in the NBA. Robert developed scoliosis, a condition characterized by lower back discomfort and a lateral curvature of the spine, due to his towering height. 

The disorder prevented him from pursuing a career in football. He reportedly hosts a podcast showing off his grasp of Hungarian, Serbian, Italian, English, and Romanian. Robert has an Instagram account with over 54K followers. There are no posts on the page at the time of writing.

Robert’s health was a concern from early on in his career. He tired quickly, lacked muscle on his tall frame, and ran awkwardly because some of his bones grew faster than others. Robert’s coaches at Stellazzurra Basketball Academy in Rome endeavored to build his muscle mass and stamina. 

The Academy’s general manager, Giacomo Rossi, said the training would improve Robert’s game and quality of life. Rossi told The New York Times: “We’re not interested in basketball right now; the top priority is his health. We’ve got to make sure that five years from now, not only can he play basketball, but that he’s also a fairly normal person.”