Fans were concerned when Big Chief failed to appear in season 4 of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings. Big Chief (real name: Justin Shearer) is a fan favorite, and to many viewers, the show lacked excitement without Justin, the leader of Team 405.

Big Chief had expressed his lack of interest in no-prep racing, leaving the racing to other members of Team 405. He participated in no-prep races once in a while to gather data to make The Crow faster, but he generally avoided no-prep racing. 

Big Chief is focused on recording videos for his YouTube channel

Big Chief’s content on his YouTube channel – Midwest Street Cars – shows that his passion for streetcars burns strong. 

The channel, which often features his girlfriend Jackie Braasch, focuses on the nitty-gritty of street racing that you are unlikely to see on Street Outlaws

Justin often advertises the videos on Instagram before they appear on YouTube. “Thank you to everyone that has supported us here and over there in our new adventure on YouTube,” Big Chief captioned an early November 2021 post

He also takes the occasional day off to recharge and reconnect with family. In late November 2021, he took to Instagram to describe the joy of meeting up with family. He wrote:

“Went to my folks yesterday for Thanksgiving. Sometimes I will go months without seeing my parents and even longer without seeing my nana. Yesterday was a breath of fresh air, and taking the day off from the shop to sit down for dinner, felt so normal. It really helps put things into perspective…We have so many things to be thankful for!”

Big Chief has no intention to quit Street Outlaws

If you’d missed seeing Big Chief on television, tune in to recently released episodes of Street Outlaws: America’s List season 2.

Chief announced via an early November 2021 post that he would participate in filming for America’s List, so we expect him to feature in the series. 

It’s unlikely that Big Chief will quit racing anytime soon as it’s such a significant part of his life. “I don’t see a time in my life when I’ll ever stop street racing,” Big Chief told Drag Illustrated in 2015. 

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