Mia Dio is an American social media star who gained fame for posting story time videos on her self-titled YouTube channel. Mia has currently amassed over 27K subscribers on the channel, which she occasionally populates with vlogs, make-up tutorials, challenges, and true crime stories.

Dio is very successful on TikTok, with 1.4 million followers and over 26 million likes on her videos. Mia wasn’t famous for producing funny content before TikTok, but the lip-syncing app has brought out her comedic side. The self-confessed Russian sugar baby is quite a creative comedian, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find her content anywhere else.

This piece will look at Mia’s family, the result of her traumatizing high school experience, and her parents.

Mia was 15 when her mom revealed that the father who raised her wasn’t her biological father

Mia Dio parents

Mia Dio was born on 14th May 2001 to Claudia and Luis Dio in Miami, Florida. She grew up alongside four brothers and one sister. Growing up, Mia knew that she had three half-siblings because Luis had three kids before he started his relationship with Claudia.

Claudia was quite young when she started dating Luis. Most ladies at her age would have aspired to enjoy life a bit more before getting into a serious relationship with the hope of starting a family. However, Claudia had her sights set on being a mom and raising kids. She settled down with Luis, and after a while, the couple welcomed their first child. Unfortunately, Claudia and Luis fell out and separated.

During a modelling gig, Claudia met a charismatic Chilean man, who she eventually started dating. After spending some time with her Chilean lover, Claudia realized that she’d abandoned the family values that she held most dear. Therefore, she ended the relationship and reached out to Luis to try and work things out. Mia explained in a video posted on 28th December 2017:

“My older brother said something that woke her up, ‘Mom, why aren’t you with my dad?’ She realized how much she valued family – how important family was. She said I need to stop being so distant. I need to reconnect. I need to work things out. I as a mother want to work things out for my older son, which, to this day, I respect her so much for.”

Claudia was already pregnant with Mia when she reconnected with Luis. Nevertheless, Luis welcomed her back and chose to raise Mia as his daughter. Mia recognized from a young age that she resembled her mom, and she shared similarities with her siblings, but in the back of her mind, she knew that something was off. Everything made sense when her mom told her the story of her conception.

Mia understood why her parents held out so long so long before telling her the truth. “The reason that my dad didn’t want to tell me that I wasn’t quite his daughter was because he was afraid that I was going to grow up and think I was different,” she said. “He wanted me to be like that’s the man that’s there for me, that’s the man who raised me, that’s the man who loves me, that’s my father.”

Dio endeavored to get through high school faster because she couldn’t deal with the bullying she received

Mia Dio

Fans of Mia’s videos know that she refers to high school as hell. Mia’s schoolmates gave her a torrid time because of her social media exploits. You would think that they should have been proud of her achievements instead of bullying her for them. Mia revealed in a video posted on 15th December 2018:

“I was in high school and I absolutely hated it. I hated high school – I hated that I had a YouTube channel in high school because people would literally crucify me for that channel. They would make fun of me so hard. Even though on the outside I would be like, ‘F them, I’m cool.’ Deep inside, I was screaming. I was in a lot of emotional pain.”

Mia asked one of the counselors that she was close to whether there was a way to accelerate her way out of her school. The counselor told Mia that she had to complete her studies within the stipulated time. Unsatisfied with that answer, Mia took matters into her own hands. She wrote a letter to the principal stating that she needed to graduate by the end of the year or she wouldn’t make it past high school.

Dio pointed to her rising anxiety levels as the reason why she had to finish school earlier. In the video, Mia feels like she could have gotten through high school regardless, but she had to give early graduation a shot. Eventually, the administration worked out a way for Mia to complete her studies earlier and move straight into college. “I decided to be a dramatic bitch, and it worked,” she said.

The result was that at the age of 17, Mia was a college junior. According to Mia, the only downside was that she struggled to make friends, but she managed to handle everything else about college. She said:

“I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really think that college was challenging in the time that I have been in college. I just think that if you can apply yourself decently because I am still a procrastinator, you’ll still be able to get the grades that you want.”

Mia went against the advice of her parents when she opted to have cosmetic surgery to fix her nose

Mia Dio

One of the side-effects of Mia’s soccer playing days was that they left her with a bump on her nose that she didn’t like. The bump emerged after a broken nose she’d suffered healed. Mia pressured her parents to let her have the bump removed, but they consistently turned her down. She covered it up with makeup when she could, but as her nose got larger, it became harder to hide it. Eventually, her parents agreed to let her undergo surgery. She stated in a June 2018 video:

“Although I consistently preach about self-love, this was always one thing that tormented me. I love myself as a person, but just that one feature stared at me in the face and reminded me that I’m not nearly as pretty as I wish that I was.”

The surgeon told Mia that she was beautiful and that she didn’t need surgery on her nose. However, after further inspection, the doctor found that she had a deviated septum which needed rectification. The surgery on Mia’s nose was a success, but there were complications during the procedure.

Mia’s body temperature rose under anesthesia instead of going down. Dio is among the 1 in 100,000 people who suffer from malignant hyperthermia under the effects of anesthesia. Thankfully, the anesthesiologist reacted quickly and administered a drug that countered the effects of the allergic condition.