Siesta Key is a reality show that follows a bunch of rich young adults as they live out their days on the island of Siesta Key off the coast of Sarasota. The cast features rich kids who have a lot of ego and money to throw around. It creates an environment with a lot of spontaneous and raw drama.

There are currently 2 seasons of Siesta Key, and you can watch them on the MTV website or on Amazon Prime. A 3rd season is currently in production, and it should premiere soon. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Siesta Key season 3.

When will Siesta Key season 3 premiere?

MTV recently announced via Siesta Key’s Instagram account that season 3 will premiere on 7th January 2020. We have known for a while that there will be a season 3, but the producers have kept the release date a secret until now.

News of a series renewal came via videos posted on the show’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts. The videos featured various stars of the show, revealing that they will return for another season.

The producers also informed us when filming for season three concluded. A video posted on the show’s Instagram page showed one of the stars, Juliette Porter, walking to the final scene of the new season.

What happened in the last episode of season 2?

The last episode of season 2 had as much drama as the entire series, and it gave us plenty to expect for season 3. The last episode saw Pauly show up in a luxury car, which gave us the impression that he had patched things up with his grandmother.

The show then focused on Juliette, as she was enjoying drinks at Cara’s party. At the party, Chloe and Amanda confronted Juliette with evidence showing that Alex was cheating on her. Alex and Juliette’s relationship had been shaky through the entire season, but this revelation seemed to spell the end to that relationship.

Garrett and his ex, Kelsey, shared a tender moment, but it was broken up by the entrance of Garrett’s current girlfriend, Cara. Cara became embarrassed that Garrett was talking to his ex at her party. The drama never ends in Siesta Key.

Brandon and Madisson resolved to give their relationship another shot after Madisson found out that her current boyfriend was cheating on her. As the episode ended, Juliette finally broke up with Alex as she packed her bags for the journey back to Gainesville. She told him;

“I’m breaking up with you because you hurt me and I don’t trust you.”

What to expect in Siesta Key season 3

Juliette seems to be finished with Alex, and we expect her relationship with Robby Hayes to feature in season 3. After breaking up with Alex, Juliette went on to date Hayes, but the relationship didn’t last. Hayes claimed that Juliette broke up with him to go back to Alex. According to Hollywood Life, Juliette cleared things up when she said;

So here’s the REAL tea. I’m not back with Alex and he never hit me. Robby’s probably going to put my address on the Internet next… Fake news… Robby’s just salty and doesn’t use his brain.

Alex isn’t a fan favorite on the show, and he seems to have moved on with a new girlfriend. We expect this saga and more to feature heavily in season 3. We will also see how other relationships progressed after the end of season 2.

We expect most of the cast to return to the show. The producers might choose to add a few characters to spice up the story a bit more. More characters in Siesta Key means more drama, and we can’t wait.