As we look back at Olivia Newton-John’s illustrious career, we are also tempted to look at her love life. Olivia had several famous romances, with her first marriage to Matt Lattanzi likely topping the list. Matt and Olivia’s relationship gained infamy because it ended with Lattanzi dating and marrying the family’s babysitter, Cindy Jessup. 

Olivia refused to blame Jessup for her split from Matt. Per The Daily Mail, she said: “I think our marriage would have eventually come to an end, but it happened sooner because of cancer, which was a good thing. It was very painful, but we were never at odds with each other.”

Matt gave up acting and currently runs a marijuana farm in Oregon

Matt Lattanzi quit acting after starring as Cooper Hart in the Aussie soap opera Paradise Beach. Lattanzi had appeared in productions like Xanadu and My Tutor, but his acting career hadn’t picked up. He auditioned for his role in Paradise Beach while working as a contractor for a homebuilding company in California. 

Lattanzi fled the public limelight after his divorce from Newton-John. In 2008, he reportedly lived off the grid near Malibu, California. 

Matt currently runs a medical marijuana farm in Oregon known as Laughing Dog Farms. His wife’s colon cancer diagnosis was one of the biggest catalysts for starting the farm. Michelle, Matt’s wife, and the family appreciated the medical benefits of marijuana use. 

Lattanzi purchased the 115-acre property in 2016 and started the farming operation. He runs the farm alongside Michelle, his and Olivia’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi, Chloe’s husband James Driskill, and his nephew Brock Binder. 

Newton-John also advocated for medical marijuana use for cancer patients and passionately campaigned for easier patient access to the drug. 

Lattanzi married Michelle after divorcing Cindy Jessup in 2007 

Matt Lattanzi and Cindy Jessup married two years after his split from Newton-John. Reports claimed that Olivia had no objection to Lattanzi’s marriage to Cindy as her romance with Matt had ended long before their split. 

Olivia said she was happy that she and Matt had agreed to remain cordial for their daughter. Newton-John added she also wanted a happy ending: 

“What happened between us was between us, and we wouldn’t allow it to affect her. Divorce is never all right. Everybody wants the happy ending and the white picket fence, particularly me.”

Cindy Jessup and Matt Lattanzi split in 2007 following ten years of marriage. A year later, Olivia got the happy ending she craved after marrying businessman John Easterling. “I have a wonderful, beautiful husband who is just so loving and fantastic,” Olivia said

It’s unclear when Matt married Michelle. Following Olivia’s death, Michelle posted a lovely tribute from her and Matt to the multi-talented star on Facebook. The tribute read:

“Nothing will replace the icon we lost, yet her legacy is alive and well in our hearts and memories, as well as her contributions to our global culture, her beloved daughter Chloe Lattanzi, and her cancer research and wellness center in Melbourne, AU. Celebrate the joy that Olivia’s heart and lifetime achievements endowed in our world.”