The Von McCray saga has dumbfounded netizens as it seems his wife, Dre McCray, is milking his sad story for social media fame. Von McCray’s health struggles culminated in a suspected suicide attempt that left him with permanent brain damage. 

You’d expect a person’s wife to be in mourning following her husband’s suicide attempt. However, Dre McCray doesn’t seem dejected: she’s posting her usual stuff with Von conspicuously placed for her to attract views. Dre’s banking on people’s sympathy for Von to attract social media attention. 

Von and Dre’s marriage seemed happy, but it was a facade

Dre McCray and Von McCray

Marvin ‘Von’ and Andrea ‘Dre’ McCray married around eight years ago. Von was in his early 20s, marrying a lady with two children from a previous relationship. 

Von joined the Marine Corps and served for a while before being discharged due to a knee injury. Dre launched a social media career, mostly involving makeup tutorials. 

The couple welcomed a son and seemed to have a happy marriage. Dre posted videos on her former TikTok page, @xo.redroses, that gave the perception of a happy McCray household. 

However, according to posts on a Facebook page titled Exposed, Dre was a manipulative character. Von’s sister Rochelle wrote on Facebook:

“Out of respect for my brother we been letting shit slide for years bra!!! Yea you his wife but I’m his blood – we are his blood!!! I got a nephew I don’t even know because you have kept them all always from us for so many years!!!”

According to a post from someone who knew Von, Dre denied him access to cash, social media, family, and friends. Von reportedly wanted Dre to seek assistance for her mental health issues. 

The friend said Von’s behavior changed after he started seeing a therapist in 2019. Dre told police something similar, alleging that Von became verbally abusive after starting therapy sessions.

However, the friend says Von started clashing with Dre because he began to stand up for himself. The post reads:

“Yes, Vonny’s behavior towards her started to shift in 2019. He began standing up for himself and not just taking the shit. Perhaps Dr. Dxx gave him the confidence to do so. So naturally, it’s Dr. Dxx’s fault for ‘making Vonny change.’ No, maam.”

Von stopped seeing the therapist, but the couple’s arguments continued. 

Von started having seizures, which Dre treated with herbs

“Before and during 2019, he never had seizures,” the friend wrote. “He was physically healthy and fit and active. He had a healthy weight and color to him. Not the underweight and unhealthy looking person you see today.”

It is unclear why Von started having seizures, but some suspect Dre contributed to his decline. One of her TikTok videos posted on the Exposed page featured the following caption: “The last time I got mad – I acted on it and made him have a seizure.”

A concerned netizen sent the video to the police, and they promised to investigate. Von started getting seizures at around the time Dre began posting videos about a controversial vegan diet containing herbs like kratom and kava. 

The Exposed page contains evidence of Dre saying she’d heard bad things about kratom. However, she promoted the drug, likely because she made money from the sales. 

The DEA lists kratom as a Drug and Chemical of Concern, and the FDA hasn’t approved it for medicinal use. Yet, Dre fed Von the drug as he struggled with seizures instead of taking him to the hospital.

In one video, Dre said Von had experienced eight seizures in one day. He had a seizure as she recorded the video, but she kept filming instead of attending to him or calling emergency services. 

“I refuse to let my husband suffer and stay down,” Dre wrote on Facebook in late February 2022. However, her actions indicated she was willing to let Von suffer. 

McCray reportedly attempted suicide which led to permanent brain damage

In late May 2022, emergency services responded to a call from the McCray residence about an attempted suicide. Dre had called the police saying she found Von hanging by a rope in the shed moments after they’d had a disagreement. 

She said that Von looked more lethargic than usual, indicating that he may have taken a high dose of kratom. 

After cutting the rope, McCray called 911 and performed CPR as instructed. Initial assessments were bleak: McCray needed a ventilator to breathe and showed no brain activity. 

Several specialists have said it’s unlikely Von will recover from his coma. Dre continues using her remedies on him, ignoring advice from registered dieticians. 

The #justiceforvon movement believes Dre poisoned Von leading to his deterioration from a fit ex-marine to a coma patient with little hope for recovery. @cindy654321 wrote:

 “The police need to dig deeper into this situation and have her arrested for murder because poisoning someone is a crime. She poisoned him with a medication that isn’t traceable. Dre McCray may think she is clever and thinks she’ll get away with what she did. She won’t. She needs to be stopped.”

Dre has denied Von’s parents and family access to him

Dre kept Von’s health decline secret from his friends and family. They learned he was in a coma through social media. 

McCray’s family traveled to see Von, but Dre prevented them from accessing him. She posted a video telling a security guard not to let McCray’s family inside the hospital. Von’s mom wrote:

“I was told that my son and his __ had some type of altercation prior to him sustantianing the brain injury which was not caused by a seizure. And he had very high levels of K in his system.”

Von’s sister Rochelle protested not having access to her brother. She wrote on Facebook:

“Why tf are you denying my mom her rights to see her child!!! Like what gives you the right to tell his mom it’s in his best interest that he don’t have any visitors!!! I pray you never have to bare the pain my moma feeling as a MOTHER. I will post these messages and all from you cuz bitch you’re hiding something!!!”

Dre must be feeling the heat as she’d gone private on social media. According to a post on Facebook, she’s so paranoid that she’s blocking new, paying members on fan subscriptions.