Devin Caherly is an American social media star with 2.4 million followers on TikTok. The self-proclaimed ‘POV King’ is a master at creating entertaining point of view skits about different topics. Tati Mitch is also equally adept at creating POV reaction videos. She started her TikTok account a month ago, and she’s already made it to 2.4 million followers.

Though they live miles away from each other, Mitch and Devin are frequent collaborators on TikTok. The pair collaborates through the app’s ‘duet’ function. Their videos are immensely popular on the lip-syncing app.

This piece will look at Tati and Devin’s social media careers and their relationship.

Devin was bullied in school because of being dyslexic

Devin Caherly

Devin Caherly was born on 17th March 2001. His parents gave him the middle name ‘Patrick’ because he arrived on St. Patrick’s Day, and he has Irish roots. Devin was an active kid growing up, and he participated in a wide range of sports, including soccer and lacrosse. 

Unfortunately, he found success hard to come by in class because he had dyslexia. Some of his schoolmates made fun of his condition, but it only fueled Devin’s determination to succeed. However, Devin never felt comfortable pursuing an education which he thinks is out of date. 

Instead, Devin harbored dreams of becoming a social media star. He idolized creators such as Jake Paul, who make a living off of social media. Devin uploaded his first YouTube video when he was in seventh grade. In senior year, Devin dropped everything and put all his attention on developing his business. He revealed in an interview with Brendan Cox:

“One week, I was partying and going out every night and the next week I dropped everything and gave my full attention to my business. I wasn’t because partying wasn’t fun, I was just more driven than ever to succeed… Focusing on me was the best decision I ever made. It shaped me to become who I am today and I got rid of unnecessary distractions.”

Tati hopes to use her platform to talk about under-discussed issues

Tati Mitch

Tati Mitch was born on 24th October 1998, in Detroit, Michigan. She started her channel as a means to entertain people. She didn’t imagine that her content would become as popular as it has over such a short period. Mitch talked to BuzzFeed about how much she values her fans. She said:

“I appreciate my followers so much, and I never knew I could get this much love on TikTok. So much has changed – now I have supporters from all over the world. They’re making dances with it and everything, I love it so much! I am so beyond blessed and thankful for these opportunities.”

Mitch hopes that her success can inspire others to put themselves out there without worrying about what other people will say. Now that she has achieved success, she wishes to use her platform to discuss issues that people shy away from addressing; issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement. She told BuzzFeed:

“As a Black TikTok content creator, I’m happy to have grown as much as I have. I see other Black TikTokers growing their pages and finding success, speaking on Black Lives Matters and other under-discussed topics. I know a lot of people get shadow-banned when they talk on these issues, but I have hope that we can overcome it and find success together.”

Tati is also an excellent cook, and she displays her skills on her other TikTok channel and her YouTube page.

Devin and Mitch’s similar personalities makes it easier for them to collaborate

Devin Caherly and Tati Mitch

Devin and Mitch started collaborating after she dueted one of his videos. Her followers liked the video, and they started tagging Devin after each duet post. Devin liked Mitch’s content, and he also started reacting to her videos. With time, their videos became wildly popular despite never having met. Devin talked to The New York Times about his collaboration with Mitch. He said:

“We have similar personalities, and we can explain the whole story line. It hasn’t really been done before, what me and Tati have been doing on TikTok. I think people are fascinated with how we both feed off each other. I wouldn’t call it a movie, but it’s a whole story we built across TikTok.”

In response to fan requests that the pair meet up, Devin challenged his followers to get a video to one million likes so he could fly Mitch to New Jersey. Fans responded to the challenge, and as soon as the video hit the target number of likes, Devin announced that Mitch would fly over to New Jersey.

Devin posted a YouTube video of Mitch’s arrival. He bought a bouquet as a welcoming gift for his fellow content creator. Since then, Devin and Mitch have created and posted several videos on TikTok.

Tati is open to starting a relationship with Devin

Devin Caherly and Tati Mitch

As soon as Tati and Devin started collaborating, a section of fans fashioned a romance subplot in their story. The pair earned the ship name ‘Tevin’, and they capitalized on it. Tati and Devin didn’t shy away from making content that made it seem like they were in a relationship. Before Tati arrived in New Jersey, Devin posted skits about how he would pick her up at the airport and offer her an engagement ring.

Devin and Tati told The New York Times that they are just friends. However, fans shouldn’t give up on ‘Tevin’ becoming a reality. Tati talked to Buzzfeed about her future with Devin. She said:

“Oh, I don’t know. Whatever happens, happens. We have to talk more and feel each other out, but if we don’t become a relationship or whatever, I would love if we could be really good friends!”