Joe Machi’s quirky and observational brand of comedy features regularly on Gutfeld!, a satirical Fox News talk show hosted by Greg Gutfeld and featuring a mixture of comedians and political commentators. Machi’s takes on the show have drawn plaudits, affirming his status as one of the top comedians of the past two decades. 

Joe Machi is not married; he once joked that he is a virgin.

Joe Machi is not married and isn’t dating. Since he broke out in the mid-2000s, Machi has hidden his personal life, refusing to discuss reports and rumors about his love life and sexuality. 

However, during a Just for Laughs set, he joked that he came out as gay to his parents, and they believed him. Machi joked:

“I told my gay friend, ‘You’ll never know what it’s like telling your parents you are gay, then telling them you are not really gay. Then your dad is like I think you were right the first time.’ 

“You don’t have to clap,” he told the crowd following a round of applause. Machi then used the mysterious loss of US nuclear weapons to introduce a joke about still being a virgin. “Do you guys know how hard it is to lose eight of anything?” Machi asked. “I can’t even lose one virginity.”

That’s the closest Machi has come to divulging intimate details about his life. However, considering he offered the information during a performance, it’s highly likely that the revelations are untrue.