The King of Staten Island is a dramedy film that tells the tale of comedian Pete Davidson if he hadn’t found comedy in his teen years. He plays the role of Scott, a teenager who spends his days smoking marijuana with his friends. Scott is a boy in pain, yet to get over the death of his father in a firefighting accident. 

He is forced to confront his demons after his mom starts a relationship with a loudmouth firefighter. The King of Staten Island is a film about Scott dealing with his grief and finding a purpose in life. The film contains several autobiographical elements of Pete Davidson’s life, and it has received widespread critical praise since its release in June 2020.

This piece will reveal whether it will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Will The King of Staten Island come to Netflix?

It is unlikely that The King of Staten Island will come to Netflix. The film is distributed by Universal Pictures which is owned by NBCUniversal through Comcast. NBCUniversal has a streaming service named Peacock, and it’s unlikely that it will hand streaming rights to Netflix. Furthermore, Universal Pictures has a streaming deal with HBO.

Where will The King of Staten Island be available for streaming?

The King of Staten Island will most likely be available for streaming on Peacock. We also expect the film to appear on HBO.

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