Talia Ryder’s role as Clare in Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between will surely earn her global fame. She’d already gained a considerable following after her appearance in Never Rarely Sometimes Always, but her role in the Netflix film is her biggest one to date. 

Ryder showed hints of future stardom while portraying Hortensia in Matilda the Musical on Broadway. She talked to Interview Magazine about her start in acting:

“After seeing Matilda on Broadway when I was 12, I fell in love with the show and begged my mom to let me audition. Prior to the audition, I had only been a dancer with no on-screen acting experience.”

Talia’s mother didn’t expect much after allowing Ryder and her sister to audition for Matilda

Talia Ryder was born on 16th August 2002 to Kristin Clark. She grew up alongside her younger sister MiMi Ryder in Buffalo, New York.

MiMi and Talia were dancers when they fell in love with Matilda the Musical. They begged their mom to let them audition, and she accepted, thinking nothing would come out of it: MiMi and Talia had no acting experience. Kristin told Playbill:

“As a parent, having not ever been involved in this, it was a whole new world. I figured that if they wanted to try, it couldn’t hurt trying, and it would be a great experience just to audition. I thought: ‘They have nothing to lose.”

Surprisingly, Talia and MiMi landed the roles they auditioned for. Talia talked to Interview Magazine about the audition process:

“During the audition process, I kind of had to ‘wing it’ with singing and acting. I was lucky enough to be cast in the show and after the rigorous rehearsal process, I felt comfortable saying that I was an actor, singer and dancer.”

The family moved to New York City to facilitate the kids’ newfound passion for acting. “They’ve been successful so far and have really found a passion for it, so as long as that’s what they want to keep doing, I’m there to support them,” Kristin added.