Nancy McKeon famously played Jo Polniaczek in the 80s sitcom The Facts of Life. Jo joined the show in season 2 as a 15-year-old motorcycle-riding student at Eastland Academy. In the last of her 189 episodes of the show, Jo married musician Rick Borner and mended relations with Blair Warner. The show’s follow-up movie showed that Jo became a police officer and had a daughter.

We were looking forward to seeing Nancy on The Fact of Life’s mini-reunion on ABC, but the celebrated actor didn’t show up. Nancy’s absence was impossible to miss, prompting fan inquiries about McKeon’s whereabouts.

Nancy settled into family life with her husband and two kids

Marc Andrus and Nancy McKeon
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Family became Nancy’s top priority after marrying Marc Andrus and welcoming two kids: Harlow and Aurora. Nancy and Marc settled the family in Austin, where they enjoy a life away from the spotlight. 

Lisa Whelchel, Nancy’s co-star in The Fact of Life, told Extra that Nancy missed the show’s ABC recreation because she had family commitments. Lisa explained:

“Nancy was home and they just recently moved and her kids just got into school, so it was difficult for her to make the trip out.”

Whelchel stated that the leading ladies of The Fact of Life keep in touch via a group called the ‘sisters thread.’ She also revealed that Nancy has little in common with her character Jo: “She [Nancy] is as much like Jo as I am like Blair, which is very little!” 

Lisa added that the cast missed Nancy as much as the fans did. She said: “We missed Nancy McKeon. It was sad not to have the four of us together, but it’s always fun.”

McKeon is still acting and is active on social media

Nancy McKeon kept acting throughout the 90s and into the 2000s. In the early 2000s, she appeared in 88 episodes of The Division as Inspector Jinny Exstead. 

She temporarily retired from acting in 2011 before returning to the screen in 2018 on Dancing with the Stars. Her most recent on-screen appearance came in the 2021 teen drama Panic

She won’t reprise her role as Amazon canceled the series after season 1. Nevertheless, we expect Nancy to land her next role soon. 

McKeon is also active on Instagram, where she occasionally pays tribute to her deceased brother, actor Philip McKeon. “Still, always #missyou,” Nancy captioned an April 2021 Instagram post featuring a photo of her brother.