Mark McGwire had an impressive baseball career, winning two World Series championships, one as a player and the other as a coach. However, McGwire’s use of steroids during most of his playing days will forever obscure his achievements. For a long time, McGwire denied using performance-enhancing drugs before eventually coming clean. 

Mark McGwire retreated from the public eye and is supporting his sons’ baseball careers

Mark McGwire is busy supporting his sons’ baseball careers. He retired from coaching to watch his sons, Mason and Max, play the game. Max is a hitter for the University of San Diego baseball team, and Mason is a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. 

“He wants to watch his two boys play high school baseball,” former San Diego Padres manager Andy Green talked to The Associated Press about McGwire’s decision to quit coaching. “We talked about it a lot before the season ended.”

McGwire has been in and out of the public eye since his retirement. In the years following his departure from the MLB, McGwire spent most of his time in his Irvine, California mansion, coming out time and again to play golf on a nearby course. 

“That’s where he is all the time,” friend Justin Dedeaux told ESPN. “He stays behind those walls and that’s it. No one ever sees him. He just completely dropped out. I don’t know if he talks to anybody.”

McGwire appeared before a Congressional panel and refused to admit he used steroids. The slugger said he dodged Congress’ questions in the best interests of his family. McGwire explained:

“If a player answers no, he simply will not be believed. If he answers yes, he risks public scorn and endless government investigations. My lawyers have advised me that I cannot answer these questions without jeopardizing my friends, my family, and myself. I intend to follow their advice.”

McGwire’s belated admission to doping signaled his return to public life. “I wish I had never touched steroids,” McGwire said. “It was foolish and it was a mistake. I truly apologize. Looking back, I wish I had played during the steroid era. I never knew when, but I always knew this day would come. It’s time for me to talk about the past and to confirm what people have suspected.”

The former Cardinals legend returned to the limelight, coaching the team to a World Series victory in 2011. He coached the Dodgers and the Padres before retiring from public life.