Kristel Candelario will spend the rest of her life in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated murder and child endangering. Candelario’s 16-month-old child, Jailyn, died of severe dehydration and starvation after Candelario left her alone at home for ten days. “You committed the ultimate act of betrayal,” Judge Brendan Sheehan admonished the accused

Kristel Candelario is Ecuadorian; she was born and raised in Ecuador

Kristel Candelario was born in Ecuador to Ketty Torres and Klever Candelario. She became a teacher, emulating her grandfather and father. “Kristel grew up and was educated in a healthy environment together with her parents, protected and loved. She studied and was educated in our native country of Ecuador,” Ketty Torres said as she asked the court to show leniency during sentencing. 

Klever also asked the court for mercy, claiming Candelario was under heavy mental and emotional stress. “Depression and anxiety consumed her to the point of depriving her of good judgment and reason. Here’s my daughter, Kristel, who also has a motive to go forward with your help,” Klever addressed the court. “My beloved daughter, always remember that we will never forget Jailyn, my beloved granddaughter who I held in my arms.”