Jeff Lebby is the new Mississippi State head coach. His appointment comes after a successful stint as Oklahoma’s offensive coordinator and QB coach. “What a day!! Couldn’t be more thankful for our incredible fan base – the love and support has been overwhelming! Ready to get to work and make this great STATE proud!!” Lebby wrote on Twitter following the announcement.

Jeff Lebby and his wife, Staley Briles, share two children, Kora and Kane

Jeff Lebby and Staley Briles married on 5th March 2011 in Waco, Texas. Staley Briles is Art Briles’s daughter. 

The pair share two children, Kora and Kane. Jeff explained Art’s presence on the pitch by saying that the disgraced coach was celebrating with his family. It’s common for family members to join the coaching staff and players on the field after a game. 

“That’s my father in law. He’s my father in law,” Lebby said. “That’s the grandfather to my two kids. So he was down with our entire family after the game, well after the game. He was down there with my entire family.”

Jeff and Staley supported Art in the aftermath of a shocking report accusing staff of covering up sexual assault allegations made against members of the football program. Staley posted an impassioned message on Facebook, referring to Art as ‘a man of incredible character and faith’. She wrote:

“He has only kept coaching as long as he has to build a sturdy foundation for his kids & grandkids. The fact that Baylor has treated him the way they have is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Anyone who is questioning his character – doesn’t know him. There is always so much more to a story than being told.”