There is no better way to usher in the Christmas season than with a Christmas movie. It might seem a bit early for a Christmas movie, but Last Christmas will change your mind. The movie is based on a George Michael song with the same title. Emilia Clarke (Kate) and Henry Golding (Tom) play the lead roles in the movie.

The film starts with Kate trying to get over trauma caused by a serious illness. She pushes her friends and family away, and she gets a job at a Christmas shop as an elf. Kate is pretty miserable, but her life changes when Tom walks into the shop.

Tom tries as much as he can to cheer Kate up, and it works. For the first time in a while, Kate finds herself genuinely happy. Tom and Kate hit it off romantically, and it seems like that’s the end of the story. However, the producers promised a twist at the end of the show.

The twist was revealed before the movie premiered, and Emilia Clark wasn’t too happy about it. As such, you will have to watch the film to find out this ‘twist’. You will find that there so much more to the film than you expect. It is funny, romantic, and everything you’d want in a Christmas movie.

Will Last Christmas be coming to Netflix?

Last Christmas came out in the United States on 8th November 2019. Universal Studios will handle the film’s distribution.

It is highly unlikely that Last Christmas will come to Netflix. The reason behind this is that NBC owns Universal Studios, and it plans to roll out its over-the-top streaming service in April 2020.

The service will be referred to as Peacock, and NBC promises that it will have 15,000 hours of content on the day of its launch. Last Christmas will most likely appear on Peacock once the streaming service launches.

Similar films on Netflix

Luckily there are other films on Netflix to put you in the Christmas mood.

Klaus: Jesper, the worst student at the postal academy, is posted to a frozen Island above the Arctic Circle, where the inhabitants hardly communicate. Just when he is about to give up, Jesper meets a carpenter called Klaus. Jesper and Klaus work together to restore the Christmas spirit on the cold island.

Christmas with the Kranks: The Kranks plan to take a cruise in the Caribbean rather than take part in Christmas traditions. However, their Christmas-obsessed neighbors are determined to change the Kranks’ minds.