In a little over a year, Karrahbooo has gone from an aspiring artist to a famous rapper. Her first single, Money Counter, released in October 2022, impressed Lil Yachty so much that it convinced him to sign the artist to The Concrete Family. Karrahbooo’s hits include Splash Bros and Box The 40

Karrahbooo is reportedly of mixed ethnicity; her parentage is a mystery

Reports claim that Karrahbooo is of mixed ethnicity. The rapper hasn’t spoken about her ethnicity or her parentage. However, we are certain she hails from Atlanta, Georgia. 

On September 11, 2023, Karrahbooo tweeted about the importance of family in her life. She posted: “I value love/family/friendship more than anything but bitches is not genuine. I really be loving y’all so when y’all be doing this weird ass shit it hurts my feelings fr and ion like feeling soft it make me angry that’s why I be beating y’all up.”