Kamren Fabiculanan provided one of the most memorable moments of the Championship game between the Washington Huskies and the Michigan Wolverines. As the Huskies labored to prevent the Wolverines from adding to their lead, Kamren flew into a tackle, dislodging his helmet and flooring the opposition player. Unfortunately, despite the Huskies’ valiant effort, the Wolverines won. 

Kamren Fabiculanan is Filipino-American; he grew up in Camarillo, California

Kamren Fabiculanan is a Filipino-American football player from Camarillo, California. He inherited his athletic genes from his father, a former football safety, and his mother, a retired track sprinter. 

“I’ve been blessed with ball skills, like breaking on the football and making quick reactions,” Kamren told VC Star. “A lot of playing corner is reading the quarterback and reading the receiver. It’s a lot about anticipation.”