John Oates and his long-term music partner Daryl Hall are embroiled in a confidential lawsuit filed by Hall on November 16, 2023. Hall also petitioned for a restraining order against Oates, which the court granted. The feud between the duo is a mystery: court documents are sealed, and neither party has addressed the suit. 

John Oates is Italian, English, Spanish, and Moorish

John Oates was born on April 7, 1948, to Ann De Palma and Al Oates in New York City. His father was half-English and half-Gibraltian. Ann was an Italian immigrant from Salerno, Campania. 

She died in early April 2017. Oates announced her death on X, writing alongside a throwback photo of his parents, “My mother, Ann Oates, recently passed away. Here is a nice photo of my parents when they got married in 1946. Celebrate a life well lived.”

Al honored Al on Veterans Day 2020 for his service during World War II. “My Dad, Al Oates, was in the #Navy SeaBees stationed in the Pacific during #WorldWarII. He’s still looking good at 97! Honor and praise to all the servicemen and women on #VeteransDay!”