Stephen Deckoff plans to build a luxury resort in the two Caribbean Islands he bought from Jeffrey Epstein’s estate. Thanks to Epstein’s soiled reputation, Stephen acquired the islands for less than half the original listed price. It’ll be interesting to see whether Deckoff’s planned renovations will raise the standings of islands still associated with their former pedophile owner. 

A pilot sued Stephen and his wife, Pamela, for failing to pay COVID-related damages

Stephen Deckoff is married to the secretive Pamela Deckoff. The pair have welcomed three children during their decades-long marriage. 

Pamela and Stephen hit the headlines when a New Jersey pilot sued them for COVID-related damages. Pilot Adam Toombs claimed he flew Pamela and several friends to Miami in December 2020. Toombs alleged that Pamela’s friend Allegra Blinken boarded the flight as it prepared to take off for New York. 

The pilot claimed that Blinken intentionally withheld the fact that she had COVID and refused to wear a face mask. Blinken reportedly entered the cockpit without a face mask and coughed near Toombs. 

Afraid he’d contracted the virus, Toombs canceled flights and quarantined in a hotel. Stephen allegedly promised to reimburse Toombs for the lost income. However, Toombs claimed that two months later, Stephen said he wouldn’t cover the damages. 

Therefore, Toombs sued for the lost income. The result of the suit is unclear.