Inaki Godoy told Decider that he wanted his portrayal of Monkey D. Luffy in the live-action adaptation of One Piece to be as authentic as possible. “I really used the anime and manga for reference and I literally tried to replicate the way this guy [Luffy] fights,” Godoy told the outlet. 

Inaki Godoy has an American father and a Mexican mother

Inaki Godoy was born on 25th August 2003 to an American father and a Mexican mother. He is Latino. Godoy grew up alongside his younger sister, Mia, in Mexico City, Mexico. 

Godoy shares close bonds with his extended family. In an interview with The Walk about the Day of the Dead, the actor listed several relatives who had sadly passed away, including his maternal grandfather. Godoy said:

“I remember my grandfather very fondly, my grandfather Pedro. Also my uncle Peggy, my mother’s brother, who although I didn’t get to meet him, I have heard so much about him that I feel I got to know him. I remember them with great affection. I will remember my uncle Luis, who just passed away. I also like to remember my uncle Tavo; although I didn’t live with him very much, I have him in my heart.:

Godoy and Mia are very close, as demonstrated by the posts on his Instagram page. On 13th April 2023, Godoy wrote on Instagram that his sister inspired him to embark on a ship adventure. Godoy wrote:

“My sister has been a very important role model for me my entire life, and she actually went on her own ship adventure before I even knew I was going to do it myself. She has been at sea for almost a year now, and after experiencing what that is I can tell you I’m REALLY PROUD OF HER. She is still sailing to this day.”

Godoy reunited with his sister during her graduation in early June 2023. “Reunited with my graduated pirate little sister!” Godoy captioned a 7th June 2023 photo series.