Grant Hill, a former player for the Crimson Tide, passed away in late October 2021. Reporter Aaron Suttles broke the news in early November before Alabama Football confirmed the report. “Grant Hill was a wonderful teammate and friend,” Alabama Football tweeted. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this devastating time.”

Hill excelled in track and field and football during his time at Huntsville High School. He graduated with All-American honors and was the number three player in Alabama. Under the tutelage of Nick Saban at Alabama, many expected Grant to make it to the NFL. However, he dropped out of the football program in 2015. 

Grant Hill’s cause of death is yet to be confirmed

Condolences keep pouring in from fans and friends of the former Alabama offensive lineman. 

His family is yet to confirm Grant Hill’s cause of death. 

Twitter may have provided a clue through tweets posted under Aaron Suttles’s announcement. User Zeke Smith shot down a rumor that Grant suffered from mental health issues. 

The user stated that Grant passed away due to an accident. “Grant was in a good spot,” Zeke’s tweet reads. “It was just a freak accident. Let’s leave it there.”

Hill dropped out of Alabama Football’s program after taking a ‘medical leave

Grant received a severe tongue lashing from Nick Saban during his first outing with the Crimson Tide. “It’s tough as a freshman, false-starting and getting an earful from Saban himself,” left tackle Cyrus Kouandjio told Alabama Real-Time News.

Hill didn’t cower under the criticism. Instead, he took it in his stride and improved his game. “I’m glad he did bounce back,” Cyrus added. “He did what he was supposed to do. He did what he’s trained to do. It’s tough as a freshman first time getting an earful.”

Grant sat out the first four games of the season but gradually established a place in the squad. Saban told Alabama Real-Time News that he was pleased with Grant’s development: “I made the statement that he’s getting very close to being one of our five best guys and we need to get him some experience if something happens down the road.”

Kouandjio described Grant as a ‘man-child’ who needed to play as it was only a matter of time before he stepped up to the big league. 

Grant’s off-field and on-field activities impressed coaches. He interned at a program for autistic children or children with related disorders dubbed Madison Behavior Therapy. In an interview with ESPN, Saban gushed about his rising star:

“You couldn’t ask for a guy [who] has better intangibles. When you have great intangibles, that’s what helps you sort of accomplish whatever your goals are, whatever your vision is for what you want to do.”

Hill appeared five times as a true freshman in 2013 and seven times the following season. He took ‘medical leave’ during spring practice in 2015. Grant didn’t return to the team but graduated from Alabama in 2017. Via a follow-up tweet, Aaron Suttles mourned the loss of the star:

“It’s always horrible and time for reflection when a young man passes away. Grant had a big future when he stepped away from the Alabama football program. Keep he and his family in your prayers.”