Nicole Flenory is perhaps the least popular member of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). Before BMF premiered on Starz, few people outside the Flenory’s Atlanta home knew that Big Meech and Southwest T have a younger sister named Nicole. Rising star Laila Pruitt expertly portrays Nicole in BMF

While we know plenty about Big Meech and Southwest, we’ve learned little about their younger sister. Nicole’s secrecy has contributed to the scarcity of information about her. Nevertheless, we have done some digging and come up with some truths about Nicole Flenory. 

Nicole and her brothers lived tough childhoods under religious parents

Nicole Flenory was born in 1974 in Dartmouth St., Detroit, to Charles and Nicole Flenory. She experienced a tough childhood alongside her older brothers. 

Charles and Lucille didn’t do drugs and often turned to prayer to solve their problems. However, they didn’t back up prayer with action. Big Meech talked to All Hip Hop about the family’s situation:

“To pray is to have faith that God is going to help you or show you that way to help yourself, faith without works means nothing, so after many nights with gas and lights off and going to school with holes in the bottom of my 2 for $15 Payless shoes, and my brother and I wearing the same clothes every day.”

Meech and Southwest started drug-slinging to elevate their financial situation. Nicole didn’t participate in her older brothers’ fledgling operation and kept her distance when the millions started rolling in. Meech added that the brothers chose to sell drugs because of the crime’s non-violent nature: 

“My brother and I had to find a way to make some fast money, so we hit the streets and came up without having to rob and kill someone. It was supply and demand, simple as that.” 

Nicole has adopted a secretive life away from the glare of BMF

Nicole Flenory continues to live her life on the sidelines, away from the glare of BMF. She lives in Lincoln Park, Michigan, with her family. 

She has several posts on Instagram, including a couple dedicated to her sons. In late March 2021, she wished her eldest son, Demetrius Steele, a happy birthday.

“Our entrepreneur, chef, big three worker!” Nicole wrote. “Enjoy your day and may God continue to bless you! Born BMF.” 

Nicole’s other son Dillan Steele has strong ties to the entertainment industry. Per a September post by Nicole, he is working on a Cannabis-related documentary. Dillan is a vocal advocate of Big Meech’s release, with plenty of his Instagram posts dedicated to his incarcerated uncle. 

Flenory is yet to offer her opinion on 50 Cent’s BMF. She likely contributed to the series as 50 Cent sent her two premium bottles of Branson liquor. 

“Thank you to @50cent for not one of each but a case of both special delivery!” Nicole captioned a photo of 50 Cent’s gifts