One of the most popular family channels on YouTube is the LVE Family, which currently boasts 471K subscribers. Laura Mellado, her husband Victor Hallman, and their son Elliot form the fun-loving Californian family. LVE Family is not just a family channel as it contains fashion videos promoting Luara’s shop called Laura’s boutique.

Laura made a name for herself in the fashion industry before joining YouTube. Social media helped boost her fashion business as Laura’s boutique caught the attention of megastars such as James Charles. James has modeled some clothing from the fashion house.

This piece will look at a special place in Laura and Victor’s relationship, Laura’s recent pregnancy revelation, and the effects of the pandemic on Laura’s boutique.

Disneyland is a special place for Laura and Victor because it’s where they had their first date, where Victor proposed, and where Laura told Victor that she was pregnant

Victor and Laura Mellado

Laura and Victor met two weeks after he’d seen her photo on Instagram. Victor worked at Disneyland, and Laura and her then-boyfriend passed by his booth as they got into Disneyland. After their first meeting, Victor started commenting on Laura’s videos. He commented so much that, after Laura broke up with her ex, she agreed to go out with him. In a 29th July 2020 video, Victor said:

“And you know what I did guys, I literally sent her bug emojis every single day just to remind her. I told her, ‘I am not going to stop bugging you until you go to Disneyland with me.”

During the first year of their relationship, the couple hang out daily at Disneyland. Victor worked there so he could get Laura in for free. “Disneyland became our thing, like every day,” Victor said. A few months into the relationship, Victor asked Laura to be his girlfriend at (you guessed it!) Disneyland.

Laura told Victor that she was pregnant at Disneyland, and Victor proposed to Laura at the same place. Victor summarized the role that the theme park played in their relationship when he said: “Honestly, I have a lot to thank towards Disneyland. If I wasn’t working there I wouldn’t have saw you. If I didn’t take you to Disneyland on every date, you probably wouldn’t have been interested in me.”

Laura is appreciative of Disneyland’s role in the couple’s relationship, but she feels that she would have ended up with Victor regardless of where he took her. “I feel like wherever else you would have taken me, I would have still fallen in love with you.”

Laura held off on telling people that she is pregnant with the couple’s second child because she feared that she might lose the pregnancy

Victor and Laura Mellado

On 16th November 2020, Laura announced to the world that she was pregnant with the couple’s second child. Laura also revealed that she’d kept the pregnancy secret for a month before informing her followers because she feared that she would lose the kid. She struggled to hold back tears as she explained:

“I just wanted everything to be okay. I wanted to make sure that nothing bad was going to happen. I know we still have a chance of something happening, but the chance of it happening goes down. I feel like if something were to happen, I don’t think I am strong enough to talk about it online. I just don’t want other people to hurt. I wanted the hurt to be on myself… It was God’s plan.

Laura and Victor are particularly excited that Elliot will have a sibling to grow up with. Laura grew up surrounded by brothers, and she wants Elliot to experience and share similar sibling love. Victor commented that Laura has seemed happier and more appreciative of life after she learned that she was pregnant. Laura is so happy being pregnant that she now wants more babies. She surprised Victor when she said: “Now I want like 80 [babies]. I just want so many of them.”

Mellado feels like the baby is a boy, but she wouldn’t mind if it is a girl. The reaction videos to Laura’s pregnancy are ready, and she promised that she will share them soon. She also promised her fans that she and Victor will share everything that happens during their pregnancy.

The pregnancy helped Laura cope with the closing of her boutique’s shops due to the pandemic

Laura Mellado

Laura Mellado was born on 30th January 1992 in California. She always had a keen eye for fashion, and in appreciation of that, Laura’s mom included a wall for Laura in her fashion shop. As time went by, Laura’s wall outperformed all other walls in the boutique. Laura’s mom eventually moved out and left the boutique to Laura. Laura’s boutique’s about page reads:

“Daughter Laura only had one wall in her mother’s thrift store. With the limited space, she was only able to start with 5 outfits. As weeks passed, Laura’s Mom noticed her daughter Laura’s business started to take over, so she made the decision to move her stuff out and let her daughter take over.”

Six months later, the store couldn’t hold Laura’s growing clientele. Her dad stepped in and helped Laura secure a bigger space for her boutique. As time went by, Laura’s boutique opened in other locations throughout America.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of some of Laura’s shops. It was difficult for Laura to deal with, but the news of her pregnancy made everything better. She explained in the pregnancy announcement video:

“I feel like it came out the perfect time because of corona. We had some issues with our stores for Laura’s Boutique. I felt depressed for a little bit. When I found out the baby news I was shocked, but deep down I was so happy because it was the blessing that we needed.”