As seen in Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal, Noel Biderman used his wife, Ashley Biderman, to market Ashley Madison, an online dating platform that promoted infidelity among married people. Though Noel claimed he was faithful to Ashley, emails leaked by an anonymous hacker revealed that he engaged in multiple extramarital affairs. 

Ashley Biderman reconciled with Noel and is still married to him

Despite the shocking nature of Noel’s infidelity, Ashley chose to remain married to Ashley Madison’s ex-CEO. A statement released by Noel’s attorney at the end of Hulu’s The Ashley Madison Affair confirms that Ashley is still married to Noel. It reads:

“Mr. Biderman is—and was—a committed husband and father. While Mr. Biderman understands the differences between himself and those customers, he—like many of them—has, in the intervening years, attempted to move on and repair the damage to his life and relationships. He feels fortunate that his wife, Amanda, has stood by him throughout.”