Walt Nauta faces years in federal prison if found guilty of making false statements, conspiracy, and withholding documents as part of former President Trump’s refusal to hand back classified documents he took to Florida home after his term expired. The indictment against Nauta accuses him of moving boxes in and out of a room in Mar-a-Lago after federal prosecutors issued a subpoena demanding the return of the classified documents. 

Walt Nauta married Savannah Lyn Rogers in January 2012; it’s unclear if the couple are still married

A monthly civil wedding report for January 2012 from the Mayor’s Council of Guam reveals that Walt Nauta and Savannah Lyn Rogers married on 19th January 2012. Nauta hails from Guam, a U.S. island territory in the Western Pacific. 

A 2012 article in the Pacific Daily News confirms that Walt and Savannah tied the knot. It states that the couple married in Agat, Guam, with Agat Mayor Carol Tayama as the officiant. It’s unclear if Nauta and Savannah are still married. 

Savannah is a secretive figure who seems to have no social media presence. She is yet to speak to the media. Walt’s aunt, Elly, talked to the Washington Post about Walt, describing him as ‘family-oriented’. Elly said that Nauta told the family he was simply following his boss’s instructions:

“He’s pretty much a good boy growing up, and as an adult pretty much the same. He’s not a troubled kid. He’s out there to enjoy his life, not to cause problems. He told his mom there’s nothing to worry about. He didn’t do anything wrong. All he was instructed was to put the boxes where they were supposed to go.”