It’s been close to 16 years since we saw the last Charlie’s Angels film. The second installment of the Charlie’s Angels films came in 2003, and it was named Full Throttle. The third Charlie’s Angel movie features stars such as Ella Balinska, Naomi Scott, and Kristen Stewart. Elizabeth Banks wrote, directed, and produced the film.

The film features a new generation of Angels who work for a private detective agency known as the Townsend Agency. The agency runs on a global scale, and it has a wide range of ruthless female spies.

In the film, Sabina (Kristen Stewart) and Jane (Ella Balinska) have the task of protecting a whistleblower who comes out with information regarding a new power source that her company is developing. Jane is rebellious and quippy, and the serious-minded Jane struggles to put up with her. A surprising turn of events causes them to go on the run, and the mission to save the world falls on their shoulders.

The film has gained acclaim for its women empowering theme. The previous installments of the film featured women being exploited for their sexuality. Elizabeth Banks made sure that the prevailing theme in the film was female independence. Critics have stated that the action scenes on the film are shoddy, but you will have a good laugh while watching Charlie’s Angels.

When will Charlie’s Angels (2019) be on Netflix?

Sony Pictures started developing the film in 2015 after cancellation of the television reboot. The film premiered on 14th November in Australia, and it will premiere on 15th November in the United States.

Sony Pictures Releasing will handle the distribution of the film, and it is good news for Netflix subscribers. Sony Pictures has a good relationship with Netflix, and there is talk of a deal that will have Sony making films for Netflix. The deal will mimic the production deal between A24 studios and Netflix.

If the deal is approved, it will bring more Sony films to Netflix. It means that it is highly likely that Charlie’s Angels will come to Netflix. You can expect Charlie’s Angels on Netflix sometime in mid-2020.

In the meantime, you can catch up with the first two Charlie’s Angels films on Netflix.