Castle Rock is a Stephen King inspired series consisting of an interconnected web of his best works. The series takes place in the fictional town of Maine, and it brings together stars such as Bill Skarsgard, Andre Holland, Melanie Lynskey, and Jane Levy. The story seems quite simple at first, but, in typical Stephen King style, it gets pretty complicated as the series develops.

The series’ main character is a man named Henry Deaver. He was adopted by Ruth and Matthew Deaver after the couple lost their biological son. Henry escaped from his hometown when young, and he came back as an adult. Deaver is haunted by something that happened in his childhood, but he can’t remember it.

Henry is considered an outcast by the people in Maine, and they want nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, a mysterious boy known as The Kid (Bill Skarsgard) remains locked up. However, there is something creepy about The Kid.

Everything is revealed as the series progresses, and it gets pretty confusing. The Kid in the original universe is Henry Deaver in an alternate universe. In the alternate universe, Matthew and Ruth Deaver didn’t lose their child, and he is on the verge of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. In the alternate universe, The Kid is Henry Deaver from the original universe.

Confused yet? It should make sense when you watch the series.

Is Castle Rock streaming on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Castle Rock isn’t available on Netflix.

Castle Rock is a Hulu Original series, and it means that the show is exclusively available on Hulu.

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