It is fair to say that Bodyguard took the BBC and the world by storm. The show broke most of the BBC and UK viewership records. Bodyguard represented the biggest UK drama launch in 2018, and the first season became the most-watched BBC drama in a decade.

The show broke more records as it progressed, with 17.1 million people tuning in to watch the last episode. Bodyguard has everything that you would expect in a drama series. The plot contains unexpected twists, cunning deception, and cruel betrayal.

The series aired in 2018, and we currently have one season. Keep reading to find out more about season 2’s release and its status on Netflix.

When will Bodyguard season 2 come to Netflix?

It is unclear when Bodyguard season 2 will come to Netflix because we do not have an official BBC release date yet. Netflix has the rights to broadcast the show internationally. Bodyguard season 1 became available on Netflix US in October 2018, and on Netflix UK in April 2019.

There is no official release date for Bodyguard season 2, but we are fairly certain that the show will be renewed. Nicholas Gleaves (Chief Whip Roger Penhaligon) stated in an interview with Radio Times;

“I spoke to the producer a month ago and he absolutely guaranteed that there would be a second series, and he absolutely guaranteed that he’s no idea when it’s going to be.”

We are patiently awaiting news about a premiere date, but we are certain that it won’t come in 2019. It is more likely that Bodyguard season 2 will premiere in autumn 2020. If Netflix maintains its current schedule, Bodyguard season 2 will arrive on Netflix shortly after the season finale. As usual, we will keep you updated with developments.

What happened in Bodyguard season 1?

The six episodes of Bodyguard followed David Budd (Richard Madden) as he tried to clear his name of the allegations that he killed the person he was assigned to protect, ambitious Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). Budd, an ex-veteran, was framed for Julia’s murder when she died in a terrorist bombing.

In a bid to clear his name, Budd unraveled an intricate network of police corruption and organized crime headed by crime boss Luke Aitkens (Matt Stokoe). Luke masterminded Julia’s death to prevent her from becoming Prime Minister. If Julia became Prime Minister, she would have given more funding to security services, and it would have affected Luke’s dealings.

Budd also finds that his boss, Lorraine Craddock, was part of Luke’s operation. Craddock’s role was to provide Luke with Julia’s itinerary and thus making it easy for him to pull off the murder. Craddock and Luke were arrested for their role in the murder, and so was would-be train bomber Nadia.

The series initially portrayed Nadia as an innocent party exploited by a terrorist organization. However, it later turned out that she was the key player in the terrorist group, and she was working with Luke to build more bombs. The plot twists in season 1 were impossible to predict, and it made the series very entertaining.

What to expect in Bodyguard season 2

Bodyguard season 2 will likely pick up a year or two after the events of season 1. Richard Madden has suggested that a time jump might be necessary for the story to continue. There is also a likelihood that season 2 will deviate in some way from the storyline in season 1.

Madden told Deadline that he expects something different from the showrunner Jed Mercurio. He said;

“We’re going to give it a breath and do it justice. If we come back to do another one, I want to do something as different as the first series was, and not just repeat the cycle, repeat the formula. I want to do something totally different and I’m excited to see what Jed comes up with in that way.”

This revelation means that season 2 might end up being totally different from what we expect. However, we believe that Budd’s personal life will come into more focus in season 2. At the end of season 1, we saw Budd try to make things right with his wife and children. The show might choose to focus on their relationship.