The Arrowverse season is upon us with the show that started it all returning for the eighth and final season. It will be an emotional end for fans who’ve followed the show since it premiered in 2012. The show will feature the final story of the vigilante, Green Arrow.

Why do we love Arrow so much?

Firstly, we love Arrow because the show created the Arrowverse. The Arrowverse links shows such as The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and Arrow together. It connects the superheroes of The CW shows.

Oliver Queen’s story is also quite intriguing. Everyone assumes that he is dead when he gets shipwrecked out at sea. However, he spends five years on an island known as Lian Yu, before returning to his city to become the vigilante known as the Green Arrow.

When he returns, he comes face to face with harsh realities as he uncovers secrets about Star City and his family. We get to see the fun and entertaining parts of the show as Oliver remedies the evils in his city. Sadly, we also share in his pain as he loses his close friends and family.

Despite the setbacks, the Green Arrow always manages to get back up. A major factor in his refusal to give up is his love interest, Felicity Smoak. Oliver and Felicity go through lots of ups and downs, but they always end up in each other’s arms.

When to expect Arrow Season 8 on Netflix

Arrow usually appears on Netflix a week after the final episode of the season. The season finale aired on 28th January 2020 on The CW. Season 8 of the hit show will premiere arrive on Netflix on 5th February 2020 for Netflix US subscribers.

Arrow season 8 release date varies according to your region. Regions such as Belgium, Netherlands, and Turkey have been receiving weekly episodes of the show.

Some Netflix regions are a season or two behind but we expect that Netflix will add the entire show in due course. However, Netflix subscribers in the UK & Ireland do not have access to Arrow. Viewers in the UK need a Sky or Now TV subscription to watch Arrow.

Arrow is also not available on Netflix in Canada. The show is available in Canada on Crave TV.

What to expect in Arrow season 8

Oliver has to find a way to deal with the aftermath of Emiko Queen’s actions in season 7. Emiko framed Felicity for terrorism, and she attempted to frame Oliver by murdering Star City police officers while dressed as the Green Arrow.

Oliver is also likely to be affected by the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It is widely expected that a superhero will die during the Crisis, and given that Arrow is coming to an end, Oliver is a strong candidate. It will be heartbreaking if Oliver dies, but we also know that he will likely die a heroic death.

We will also see what happens to Oliver’s child with Felicity.