Batwoman is set to be the next superhero series produced by CW in the Arrowverse. The series is based on the character Batwoman/Kate Kane. The role of Kate Kane was handed to Ruby Rose. In the comic books owned by DC Comics, Batwoman is a Jewish lesbian, and so the directors of the show decided to cast a lesbian for the role.

However, the decision to cast Ruby Rose came under severe backlash, with fans upset that Ruby wasn’t Jewish. Fans also questioned her sexuality because Ruby identifies as gender fluid. Despite the backlash, the directors stuck with Ruby, and the show is set to debut on 6th October.

The show premiers three years after Bruce Wayne/Batman disappeared from Gotham. At that point, Gotham is in chaos, and it needs a vigilante to maintain order. Bruce Wayne’s cousin, Kate Kane, steps up and decides to be the vigilante that the city needs.

This signals the birth of the vigilante, Batwoman. She is a highly trained street fighter and a firm believer in social justice. Gotham has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous cities on earth. It will be fascinating to see how Batwoman deals with the evils of Gotham, and the allies and enemies she makes as a vigilante.

Will Batwoman be coming to Netflix?

CW has a great relationship with Netflix, but it is highly unlikely that Batwoman will come to Netflix. The reason for this is the latest deal between WarnerMedia and HBO Max.

The deal means that all new releases owned by WarnerMedia will now appear on HBO Max instead of Netflix. The deal doesn’t affect shows that are currently running on Netflix.

In addition, the deal only applies to Netflix subscribers in the USA. It is highly likely that international viewers will be able to watch Batwoman on Netflix. For international viewers, episodes usually appear on Netflix one day after they air on CW.

Similar shows on Netflix

Fortunately, the HBO Max deal doesn’t affect CW titles that are already on Netflix. You can binge on the on the following superhero shows on Netflix.

The Flash – The flash follows the story of the supersonic superhero, The Flash. Watch the show to find out how far his speed can take him into the future or back to the past.

Arrow – Arrow features the story of the son of a Star City billionaire, who becomes a vigilante. Watch to find out how he deals with criminals in his city, and personal demons from his past.