Anthony Keyvan plays Q in Netflix’s XO, Kitty, a To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before spinoff. In the series, Kitty Song-Covey, Lara Jean’s and Margot’s younger sister, enrolls in an international school in South Korea. She befriends Anthony’s character Q, who steadies Kitty as she gets lost in her quests for love. 

Anthony Keyvan’s father is Iranian, and his mother is Filipino

Anthony Keyvan was born on 13th August 2000 to a Filipino mother and an Iranian father. Therefore, he is Filipino-Iranian. Anthony grew up in Long Beach, California, alongside his younger brother, Jared.

The XO, Kitty star was 5 when he began acting. His mom, Joyce Candelaria Keyvan, the first person in her family to finish college and earn a Master’s Degree, quit her job to support Anthony. “She did what any amazing mom would do,” Anthony stated. 

“Meanwhile, my dad picked up another job to keep us afloat, while my younger brother, Jared, spent the better half of his childhood in the backseat of my mom’s Tahoe, going back and forth from LA to OC, sometimes every day of the week,” Anthony told VanityTeen

Describing his family as his most important support system, Anthony speculated that he wouldn’t have succeeded without the sacrifices his family made for him. Anthony’s parents were happy he landed his first television role in Lost, their favorite show.  

As Anthony’s career progressed he noticed that roles reflecting his ethnicity were rare. “It sucks, though, that I’ve gone 15 years in this industry constantly working and I’d never, ever played a character that was remotely close to me,” Anthony told Poptized

Anthony’s racially ambiguous looks allowed him to audition for a variety of roles, earning him valuable experience. “I’ve played Indian, I’ve played Pakistani, I’ve played Arab, I’ve played Latinx. I’ve played [characters of] literally every other race in the book almost,” Anthony said. 

However, he yearned to play a character that mirrored his identity. Anthony was ecstatic when he got a call to audition for Rahim, an openly gay Iranian character, in Hulu’s Love, Victor. Anthony continued:

“This is the first time that I’ve gotten to play someone like myself. So, it’s crazy that it’s happened, but I’m so grateful that it’s happened. I just wish that it had happened sooner, but I’m grateful that it’s starting to finally happen for actors like me.”

Anthony is delighted that Hollywood has become more inclusive and diverse. He told VanityTeen: “I think it’s amazing the progress we are making in Hollywood, with more and more showrunners, writers, directors, and more, being people of color, young people, queer people.”

When not acting, Anthony is enjoying karaoke, which he considers a Filipino specialty. “I’m Filipino. We’re all good singers.” he told Teen Vogue