Anna Sorokin, who had adopted the name Anna Delvey, lied about her heritage to fool people into investing in her proposed art gallery in Soho. Sorokin not only lied about having a 60-million-euro fortune but also lived like a person holding such riches: she rarely wore anything other than designer clothing; she rented expensive hotel suites; she wined and dined with the rich and famous.

Sorokin’s conniving ways ended after authorities tracked her down and charged her with various money-related crimes. Anna’s supposedly wealthy parents didn’t attend her trial, but they reportedly sent a letter to the judge begging for leniency. 

Anna has rebuilt ties with her working-class parents

Anna Sorokin was born in Domodedovo, Moscow, Russia, in January 1991. Her father, Vadim Sorokin, was a truck driver, and her mom ran a small convenience store. 

When Anna was seven years old, Vadim moved the family to Eschweiler, Germany. Anna left home immediately after turning 18 and headed for Paris to study fashion. Vadim, Anna’s mom, and Anna’s brother moved back to Russia after he faced rumors of being in the Russian mob. 

In 2011, Anna enrolled in Central Saint Martins in London only to quit within a year. She returned to Germany before relocating to Paris to start an internship with the French fashion magazine Purple.

“Generally, I would definitely agree that my parents did not really know what to do with me,” Anna told Insider. Sorokin remained partially dependent on her parents, who sent money for rent. 

In late 2013, Anna moved to New York for the Fashion Week. She made friends in the Big Apple and chose not to return to Europe. Anna worked for Purple in New York for a while before quitting to become a con artist.  

Sorokin hid her travels and interests from her parents: she claims that they had different interests. Anna told Insider:

“I don’t feel like my parents were really involved in like day-to-day life,” Sorokin told Insider. “Sometimes, they would not even know what country I’d be in. There would definitely be a time they didn’t know if I was like in Paris, Germany, or the states.”

Anna told the outlet that she didn’t need her parents’ approval. “It meant a lot to me to just go and do something on my own,” she said. After her arrest, Vadim told a Russian news outlet that he knew nothing about Anna’s life in the United States. 

Sorokin’s parents’ refusal to attend her trial pointed to a strained relationship between daughter and parents. However, Sorokin seems to have mended relations with her parents. “I talk to my parents a couple of times a week, and I guess they are learning to deal with the whole situation,” Anna told Insider

Anna’s parents would accept her back if she were deported

Anna is currently detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), awaiting the response to a motion seeking asylum. If authorities deny the motion, ICE will likely deport Anna to Germany, where her parents currently live. 

Vadim runs an electrical installation company in Duren, Germany. He sent a letter to the immigration court stating his willingness to accept Anna back. He hopes that Sorokin will return to take care of her elderly grandmother. 

“We will support her with adaptation to the company’s workflow,” Vadim wrote. “Anna will have every chance to integrate herself back into normal life.”

Vadim has spoken harshly of his daughter in interviews while demonstrating that he still cares about her. He told a Russian outlet:

“Our daughter has never sent us any money. On the contrary, she was borrowing. Of course we are very concerned about her. She has a selfish personality; we can’t do anything about it. We raised her well. I don’t know, it comes from nature. Naturally, she is guilty to certain extent.”

Despite Vadim believing in Anna’s guilt, he and Anna’s mother sent a letter to the judge pleading for leniency. The letter stated that though Anna made incorrect decisions, she didn’t deserve to be in prison. It continued:

“We have been in contact with her through phone calls these last few months. She has done her, time and learned from her mistakes in the past and she is bettering her life. We believe that our daughter will not make such mistakes again and we are confident in our statements.”

The judge dismissed the letter as one of Sorokin’s scams.

If Anna returns to her family in Germany, she’ll have to adapt to a modest life. Vadim runs a successful business, but it can’t support the life Sorokin lived in New York. 

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