Akasha Thompson has been trending for a while now on TikTok. Despite the concerning nature of her case, news outlets haven’t covered her story. Therefore, finding details about her story can be frustrating. Nevertheless, using nuggets collected from social media, we have chronicled Akasha Thompson’s story.

Akasha Thompson’s mental health allegedly deteriorated after smoking laced marijuana

Akasha Thompson

According to @amazeeballsfortrinn on TikTok, Akasha Thompson lived with her mom after her parent’s separation. Akasha reportedly enjoyed smoking marijuana, which made her violent and erratic. Unwilling to tolerate Akasha’s behavior, Akasha’s mom sent her to live with her dad, Kris Thompson. 

The TikToker claims that Kris believes Akasha is addicted to marijuana. However, Kris claims that Akasha smoked marijuana laced with methamphetamines, which accelerated her addiction and sparked the deterioration of her mental health. Reports on TikTok claim that Akasha gets violent with her family, including her grandmother, mother, and father’s girlfriend. 

@amazeeballsfortrinn alleges that Akasha lives in a homeless shelter, as neither her mom nor her dad wants to live with her. A mugshot released in September 2023 shows that Akasha faces charges of trespassing. Her father has set up a GoFundMe page, which states that he intends, through legal action, to force the mental health system to take her daughter’s case seriously. It reads:

“I am creating this fund to help retail the legal assistance we need to fight our battle in the legal realm. The funds from this account will be used to retain our legal counsel and facilitate any costs to help Akasha with other options beside the shelter she is in now.”

Kris believes it’s only a matter of time before Akasha hurts herself or another person. He envisions a scenario where the family loses Akasha to the legal system. “Without the correct evaluation she can possible be seen as capable to stand trial and we lose her to a justice system definitely not made to work in her favor and we lose her still,” he writes.