The few pictures of Angelo Adkins on the internet show that he bears a startling resemblance to his mom Adele. 30, Adele’s long-awaited 4th studio album, will debut on 19th August 2021. She’s made plenty of public appearances promoting the album, including a sit-down with Opera Winfrey, in which the pair discussed her divorce, weight loss, and Angelo. 

As the British star sang new songs from 30, she revealed that it was Angelo’s first time watching her sing live. “It’s the absolute honor of my life to have you here tonight, baby,” Adele said

Angelo is free to pursue any passion or career he chooses

Like his mother, Angelo enjoys life away from the spotlight. After 30 debuts, Adele will likely resume her private life, away from the camera’s glare. 

The little we know about Angelo comes from snippets offered by Adele during interviews. In a 2015 interview with Time, Adele stated that she wants Angelo to have a normal childhood. She said:

“I’m very conscious that I have a kid, and I don’t him to be one of those who grows up being like ‘Driver, driver! I have no clean clothes!’ Well, have you washed them? I really don’t want him growing up like that. I’m very conscious of it.”

Being Adele’s son can benefit the 9-year-old Angelo in the future, but it can also place an enormous amount of pressure on the boy. Adele clarified that he expects nothing from Angelo and wants him to pursue whichever passion or career he chooses. 

“I don’t care what his career is, as long as he’s passionate about whatever it is that he does and that he’s happy,” Adele told Oprah

Adele wouldn’t mind getting more children, but she’s in no rush to expand her family. “I would like more children,” Adele said. “It wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t because I have Angelo, but yeah, I think so.”

30 answers the many questions Angelo asked Adele after her divorce

Simon Konecki  and adele
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After Adele divorced Angelo’s dad, Simon Konecki, she faced many questions from Adkins that she just couldn’t answer. 

“He has so many simple questions for me that I can’t answer, because I don’t know the answer,” she told Vogue. “Like, Why can’t we still live together? That’s just not what people do when they get divorced. But why not? I’m like, I don’t fucking know. That not what society does.”

Adele turned to music to provide Angelo with answers she couldn’t offer in regular conversations. The songstress told Oprah that she might never gather the courage to discuss the divorce with Angelo, but he’ll find all the answers in 30. Adele explained:

“The whole album is not about him, it’s about me and I just wanted him to hear me talking madly, deeply about who I am and how I feel. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to have that conversation with him in real life, so he can go and listen to it.”

It isn’t the first time that Angelo has inspired Adele’s music. Adele didn’t want to make 25 about Angelo and parenthood, but she dedicated the song Remedy to him. 

“I wrote it [remedy] about my child,” she told Rolling Stone. “But I sang it for everyone that I really love. When I wrote it, I got my confidence back in my writing because I believed in myself.”

Adele wants Angelo to see her love and be loved

Adele sought a divorce from Simon Konecki because she wasn’t in love anymore. She told Vogue that she didn’t want her son to grow up seeing her in a miserable relationship. 

“Neither of us did anything wrong,” Adele told Vogue. “Neither of us hurt each other or anything like that. It was just: I want my son to see me really love, and be loved. It’s really important to me.”

Adele told Oprah that Konecki and Angelo brought stability at her tumultuous time in her life. “I was young and I got a bit lost in all of it,” she said. “The most stable person I’ve ever had in my life up until that point, even now I trust him with my life.”

Stability couldn’t prevent unhappiness from creeping into the couple’s relationship. “If I can reach the reason why I left, which was the pursuit of my own happiness,” Adele explained. 

You get the sense that Adele would have had an easier time explaining a divorce caused by a mistake by either party. However, Adele saw the divorce as a selfish move, which made it harder to field the questions posed by Angelo.

“I knew that as an adult, Angelo would be livid with me for doing that,” Adele told Oprah. “I knew that when he became an adult that he’d be furious at me. And I didn’t want that either. But it was, it was hard work.”

Angelo is yet to understand the extent of his mother’s fame

Angelo started to grasp the extent of Adele’s fame during the countdown to the release of Easy on Me on YouTube. “There was like a hundred thousand people waiting [and] you had all these likes,” Angelo told his mother. “Then he was like, ‘People really like you.’”

“He’s starting to get it a little bit, but not really.” Adele then recounted a time when she attended a Taylor Swift concert with Angelo. Adkins had been in Adele’s concert halls, but she’d make him leave before people started arriving. 

It was the first time he’s seen a packed concert venue. “Because he’s used to come to my stadium shows for my rehearsals and it’d be empty,” Adele said. “He’s like, ‘So many people come to her shows,’ cause I’d make him leave before they all arrived. It was so cute and so funny.”