Aiden Fucci is the 14-year-old who’s been charged with the murder of his 13-year-old schoolmate Tristyn Bailey. Tristyn and Fucci were both students at Patriot Oaks Academy, and lived in the same neighborhood in St. John’s County. According to classmates, the pair were friends, but they were not in a relationship with each other.

Bailey was reported missing on Sunday morning and was last seen alive an hour past midnight. The Sherriff’s Office reported that Tristyn was found fully clothed, but didn’t provide further details about the body’s condition or her cause of death. Aiden drew the ire of Bailey’s family after posting a Snapchat photo of himself inside a police car asking for information regarding Bailey’s whereabouts.

Aiden’s mother was arrested for tampering with evidence crucial to Aiden’s case

On 5th June 2021, Aiden’s mother, Crystal Smith, surrendered herself to authorities for ‘tampering with evidence.’ She was booked at St. Johns County Sherriff’s Office Detention Center and has a $25,000 bond.

Crystal arrest warrant stated that she was spotted by surveillance cameras washing Aiden’s jeans shortly after he was questioned by detectives. The jeans were later found to contain blood.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Justin D’Arienzo told News4JAX that it is common for parents to try to protect their children. “Typically, the default mode for parents is reflexive and it is typical to protect their children, but after more thought, often it’s really a question of family loyalty versus tough love,” he said.

Aiden’s father has a lengthy list of criminal convictions

Aiden’s father, Jason Fucci, has a lengthy rap sheet, with its first entry coming in January 2003. Jason was accused of child abuse, injury and neglect. A court found him guilty and convicted him to 14 months in prison.

In October 2003, Jason was arrested for engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl. He was found guilty and sentenced to two years of probation. Jason violated his probation and spent 14 months in prison.

In 2016, Jason was arrested for battery following a fight he had with a couple at a gas station with his son present. Jason’s criminal past has led to fears that Aiden faced abuse at the hands of his parents.

Aiden Fucci’s parents will have to pay $5 each day he remains in a detention center before his trial

Aiden Fucci’s parents, Crystal Smith and Jason Fucci, appeared alongside their son during a Zoom hearing held on 11th May. The judge held that Aiden will be detained by juvenile justice for 21 days and his parents will pay $5 every day he remains in the detention center. Judge Richard Orfinger said:

“I do find that there is probable cause to believe the offense occurred and at this time I am going to order that Mr. Fucci be detained by the department of juvenile justice in secure detention for 21 days or until further order of the court.”

The police have stated that they aren’t pursuing another suspect in the murder as they proceed with a ‘complex’ investigation. After reviewing the evidence, authorities have decided to upgrade Aiden’s charge to first degree murder.

The nature of the crime, which saw Bailey stabbed 114 times, indicated premeditation, per State Attorney RJ Larizza. “The bottom line is that premeditation could be inferred certainly from just the sheer number of stab wounds Tristyn Bailey had to suffer.”

“Every time that arm went back, and every time that arm went down, that was premeditation.” The State Attorney also stated, in a press conference held on 27th May, that Aiden will be charged as an adult.